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As the world leader in Spanish translation, reference, and learning, we help millions of people learn Spanish and English each year. To enhance Spanish learning and adapt to the latest technologies, we are excited to offer a free Apple Watch app to our learners.

The Apple Watch is a new personal device that works seamlessly with the iPhone, allowing you to do what you do on your iPhone in more quick and convenient ways. It’s ideal for brief interactions when you’re on the move.

The SpanishDict Apple Watch app is the most useful and personal way to translate words when you’re on-the-go. Just tap on the app’s home screen and use the voice command feature to obtain millions of translations. The Apple Watch app is connected to our popular iOS app. If you want to learn more about the word or phrase you searched for, you can easily access additional results on your iPhone.

Our Apple Watch app enables you to translate words with the mere touch on your wrist. Other exciting features are:

Translations via Voice Command

The voice command feature is one of the app’s handiest perks. Simply tap on the app’s home screen, say aloud the the words, phrases, or sentences you would like translated, and receive translation results (from English to Spanish and Spanish to English) within seconds.

Spanish Word of the Day

Learn a new Spanish word every day! Through our glance, you’ll get our Word of the Day, a popular iOS app feature enabling you to enrich your Spanish vocabulary daily. 

If you are an Apple Watch owner, download the SpanishDict Apple Watch app in the App Store, and check it out. We hope you like it!

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We are proud to announce that Fluencia has been selected to compete in the first round of the Washington Post and Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Destination Innovation competition. Fluencia will compete for online votes against seven other companies in the Commerce category on the Capital Business website between March 3 and March 7.

Destination Innovation is presented by the NVTC’s Innovation Committee and Capital Business, the weekly business publication of The Washington Post. The purpose of the competition is to highlight technology advancements emerging from our region through an exhibition, networking, industry speakers and innovation pitches.

At Fluencia, we’re thrilled to be participating in Destination Innovation and know that our Spanish learning platform is a strong competitor. We’re excited by Fluencia’s initial success and can’t wait to spread the word about the easiest way to learn Spanish online (as featured in Fast Company).

The four companies that receive the most online votes in each category will exhibit and compete during the Destination Innovation event on April 2, 2014 at The Washington Post headquarters.

Stay tuned to support Fluencia! If you’d like to learn more, try Fluencia for yourself here.

As the world leader in Spanish translation, reference, and learning, we love helping millions of people learn Spanish and English every year.  In a world where everyone has a mobile device, and we’re constantly on the go, it’s more important than ever to have the tools you need a finger-tap away.  Today, we’ve made a giant leap for our mobile Spanish learners by completely rebuilding our mobile experience. 


First, we’ve completely redesigned the site with a fresh new look.  On top of that, we’ve added a number of cool features, previously unavailable on the mobile site, which are designed to improve your learning experience.

Head on over to our homepage at in the browser on your favorite mobile device to check it out now.  We hope you like it!

Our latest features include:


If you’ve ever tried to type a long word on your phone or tablet, you’re likely well acquainted with the perils of those tiny touch screen keyboards. Multiply that frustration by 10 if you’re trying to type in a foreign language.

We’re taking away some of that annoyance by introducing auto-suggest, which does the heavy lifting for you. When you start entering a search, you’re only a click away from an auto-suggestion which makes your searches faster, easier, and more accurate.


Complete English <-> Spanish Translations

We want to make sure your English-Spanish translations are as rich and nuanced as the language itself. So when you search for a translation in either Spanish or English, we’ll produce a result that is both comprehensive and clear.

Audio for Translators and Dictionary

If you’re looking for translations on the go, chances are you want to be able to use them. And that includes knowing how to pronounce the words and phrases you’re trying to wield. With our audio feature for SpanishDict translators and dictionary, you can use your English or Spanish with more support and more confidence.

Audio Translations

Conjugations of Every Spanish Verb

You shouldn’t get less food just because you place an order to-go. Likewise, you shouldn’t get less information if you’re using your phone or tablet. If you search for a Spanish verb on our mobile site, we’ll now serve up the full conjugation.

Full Translations

Free Word of the Day

Learning Spanish on the go? Our popular Word of the Day feature is now optimized for mobile use so you can now view it, peruse it, and use it – all from our mobile landing page.

Word of the Day

Easy Social Media Shares

Love what you’re learning? Spread the word by sharing with your friends, family, and followers on your social media platform of choice. Just one tiny tap is all it takes to share the love.

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P.S. Have you tried Fluencia yet? Try it and start learning now!

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The team behind is excited to launch Fluencia, the easiest way to learn Spanish online. 

As a valued member of the SpanishDict community, you can get an early look and help us spread the word:

1) Join Fluencia Now to experience it for yourself;

2) Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for insider updates, and;

3) Share the news!

Fluencia is the easiest way to learn Spanish on a desktop computer.

Fluencia builds on the latest research in second-language acquisition and uses:

Spaced repetition: Improving long-term retention up to 200 percent;

Personalized feedback: Like having a personal tutor every step of the way, and;

Interactive exercises: Using native-speaker audio, a sleek design, and engaging images.

The rich curriculum in Fluencia covers a year’s worth of college Spanish.  Fluencia was developed by a team of professors led by Dr. Cristina Sanz, Language Program Director for Spanish and Co-Director of the Center for the Brain Basis of Cognition at Georgetown University.

Fluencia is the easiest way to learn Spanish on a tablet or mobile phone.

Fluencia incorporates the most important findings in second language acquisition to help people learn and retain Spanish,” according to Dr. Sanz.  “Fluencia uses personalized feedback, spaced repetition, and a functional focus, all of which have been shown to help you learn more effectively.

Learners using Fluencia are already seeing dramatic results.  One of Fluencia’s earliest beta users, age 11, has been using Fluencia for just four months. With no prior Spanish knowledge, he tested as well as students with nearly six years of Spanish.

Over the past few months, Fluencia has helped more than 10,000 people learn Spanish, in over 140 countries (and counting).

We’re excited to grow Fluencia and help even more people around the world achieve their goals.

Thank you for your support!

Muchas gracias,

SpanishDict ACTFL Booth

This past weekend, four members of the SpanishDict team traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to participate in the 2012 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Convention (ACTFL). The convention is the largest of its kind with thousands of language educators and companies participating from all over the world. 2012 has been an exciting year for us at SpanishDict and the convention was a great opportunity to spread the word about the site and the resources we have to offer when it comes to learning Spanish. 

Aided by free candy and tropical juice, we were able to meet hundreds of teachers who use our website everyday, not just for the sake of their students, but also to increase their own proficiency as well. Nothing makes us happier than learning from educators about how helpful our site is for them and their students. We know that the feedback we heard from them will only make our website even better. While everyone knows about SpanishDict’s great Spanish dictionaries and Spanish translators, we also offer a whole host of free tools that can make your language learning far more effective.  From our conjugation tables and mobile apps to our Q&A forum and flashcards, we were delighted to learn how SpanishDict has become an indispensable online Spanish resource for many conference attendees.

All in all, we met great people, spread the word about SpanishDict, learned from educators in the classroom, and were able to talk face-to-face with many users. The 2012 ACTFL Convention was a great time for everyone involved on the SpanishDict Team.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey and have their voice heard.  We received thousands of responses from all over the world and got invaluable feedback to improve the site. 

Congratulations to the gift card winners Kait N. from Arizona and Ira B. from Connecticut!

We will use everyone’s thoughts to help shape our product development going forward and prioritize where we focus our resources.

In just over a week since launching the new site, we’ve made tons of improvements.  If you see anything else we should look into, please report it using the Feedback tab on the right.  Due to limited resources we cannot implement each change, but we promise we will read and fully consider every message.

Going forward, we will continue our efforts to bring you the best Spanish reference and language learning materials on the Internet.

Thanks for all your feedback and for using our site!

The SpanishDict Team

New Homepage

We are proud to introduce a redesigned and much-improved version of! In our newest version you’ll find:

  • A complete, unabridged dictionary with hundreds of thousands of new translations, examples, and phrases.
  • One super-search box to search the dictionaries and translate sentences.
  • A streamlined, more intuitive design that is easier to use.
  • A new Spanish Grammar section with over 100 clear, concise explanations and interactive grammar quizzes with over 4,000 questions to help you master each skill.

Screenshot of the new grammar quizzes
New Grammar Quizzes

We have made hundreds of other small improvements, highlights include:

  • More powerful lookup: our super-search box recognizes thousands of word variations and points you to the correct entry.
  • Try searching for conjugated verbs like “fuiste”, tricky prepositions like “la”, or full phrases like “this is cool” and you’ll find the best results available online.
  • Double-click to quickly translate a word throughout the site.
  • Easier social sharing of dictionary, conjugation, and other pages.
  • Cursor is automatically placed in the search box when the page loads.
  • Audio pronunciations of words that are entered into the translate box.
  • Direct links to content from the homepage when you are logged in.
  • Simplified navigation bar.
  • Audio pronunciation for phrasebook entries.
  • English verb conjugations.
  • Feedback tab to easily send in comments.

We hope you like the new site. If you have any suggestions, find any bugs, or just want to send us a message, click the “Feedback” tab on the right and drop us a line.

The SpanishDict Team

We are happy to announce a powerful new translation tool for numbers, dates, and symbols.

Learning how to translate numbers and dates can be difficult. Traditional dictionaries and translation tools have always come up short—only showing the translations for a few numbers, leaving people to puzzle over the proper translation for larger numbers, dates, and symbols. With SpanishDict’s intelligent translation box, it is now simple. Just type in the date, time, number or symbol and you will receive translations in both Spanish and English.

You can try these examples:

5:00pm - A las cinco de la tarde

4th - el cuarto

173- ciento setenta y tres

:-) - sonrisa

06-30-2012 - el sábado, el treinta de junio, dos mil, doce

The range of the new translation tools is impressive. SpanishDict is equipped to handle numbers from −999,999,999,999,999 to 999,999,999,999,999. You can also get full translations on a wide spectrum of decimals, dates, times, common symbols and even smilies :). To get started, just use the following formats:

Numbers: ###,###.##


Time: HH:MMpm

We hope you enjoy the new functionality! Check out a fun little video too!

We are very excited today to launch the world’s first Spanish-English Video Dictionary, featuring video translations for more than 5,000 of the most popular words and phrases in the Spanish language.

Learning a new language is best when you have access to both audio and visual features, teaching you exactly how to position your mouth when you form a word. The content for each video is based on common phrases you would hear or read while traveling in a Spanish speaking country like “te quiero,” “acomodar,” and “alquilar.”


Key features of the new dictionary feature include:


* HD Video; Studio Quality Audio

- Each video was filmed with high quality, HD video to provide a close-up visual reference of how a native speaker pronounces each word. Add URL for HD video.

* Native Spanish Speaker Pronunciations

- Both quick and slow pronunciation of each word to demonstrate proper pronunciation.

* Contextual Example Sentences

- Full sentences in both Spanish and English to ensure accurate and proper translations.

* Usage Information

- Every video includes the part of speech, gender, and usage tips

We hope you enjoy this new learning resource and that it helps you in perfecting your own Spanish pronunciation. We’d love to hear what you think!


The SpanishDict Community Phrasebook allows members to create entries for compound words and phrases that are not currently included in the dictionary. Use it as a great resource to contribute idioms, technical jargon, and even slang. Our goal is 5,000 phrases in 6 months. Can we do it?

Suggest a Phrase

Know a phrase in English or Spanish and want to know how to translate it? Suggest the phrase and let a native speaker fill in the rest of the details. When your phrase gets published, you earn the Phrasebook Contributor badge just for helping out!

Add New Entry

If you know both the English and Spanish for a phrase that is not already in the dictionary, tell us! You can also provide examples, context, regional information, and any additional notes you may know about the phrase.

Top Quality Entries

We’ve appointed a few new moderators around here to help out all our new members (over 225,000!) and to make sure the phrases that represent the SpanishDict community are top quality. Each phrase submitted needs the approval from two moderators before it is included in the official SpanishDict Community Phrasebook.

Integration into the Dictionary

Once a phrase has been approved and is included in the official SpanishDict Community Phrasebook, it will also appear on dictionary entry pages that include that word. So if you look up “snooze” in the dictionary, you will also see “You snooze, you lose” on the same page.

We hope you enjoy (and use!) the new SpanishDict Community Phrasebook. Our members have such an enthusiasm for learning and teaching Spanish and English, that I have no doubt we’ll have the best Phrasebook on the internet in no time!

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