intransitive verb
1. (to remain) 
Si sobra comida después de la fiesta, la vamos a donar.If food is left over after the party, we'll donate it.
2. (to exceed requirements) 
Usted nos sobra en esta reunión, así que se puede retirar.You are not needed at this meeting, so you can leave.
b. to be too many (with countable nouns) 
Sobran platos en la mesa. - Está bien; quita uno.There are too many plates on the table. - Ok; take one off.
c. to be too much (with uncountable nouns) 
Sobra comida chatarra en este carrito; mejor compramos más verduras.There is too much junk food in this cart; let's buy more vegetables instead.
Sobra agua en la olla para cocinar el arroz.There's more than enough water in the pot to cook the rice.
transitive verb
3. (to look down on) (Argentina) (Uruguay) 
Me molesta mucho que me sobren.It really bothers me when people patronize me.
intransitive verb
1. (quedar, restar) 
a. to be left over, to be spare 
nos sobró comidawe had some food left over
2. (haber de más) 
a. to be more than enough 
parece que van a sobrar bocadillosit looks like there are going to be too many sandwiches
3. (estar de más) 
a. to be superfluous 
lo que dices sobrathat goes without saying
4. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
aquí sobra alguiensomeone here is not welcome
transitive verb
to exceed; surpass
intransitive verb
(quedar de más) to remain; be left; be left over; (ser más que suficiente) to be more than enough; (ser superfluo) to be spare
ha sobrado mucha comida there's a lot of food left (over); por este lado sobra there's too much on this side; sobra uno there's one too many; there's one left; con este dinero sobrará this money will be more than enough; esta pieza sobra this piece is spare; este ejemplo sobra this example is unnecessary; no es que sobre talento it's not that there's a surplus of talent; todo lo que has dicho sobra all that you've said is quite unnecessary; nos sobra tiempo we have plenty of time; al terminar me sobraba medio metro I had half a metre left over when I finished; veo que aquí sobro I see that I'm not needed o I'm superfluous here
más vale que sobre que no que falte better too much than too little
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