Compilation of Translation Exercises , all levels

Compilation of Translation Exercises , all levels

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This is a compilation of translation exercises created by Heidita (Spain). You will find the different levels below.

I Graded Translation Exercises for Absolute Beginners: (English - Spanish)

These translations are directly linked to "Learn Spanish"

I am Pepa

II Advanced or Upper Intermediate Students of Spanish

Here you will find what a member baptized "Killer threads"wink, difficult and demanding translation exercises ( Spanish - English) with often controversial topics. All of them written by well-known Spanish columnists.

Advanced students of Spanish.

Yo Leonor, part one

Navas "po zi"

Yo Leonor

Nunca Ricardo me ganó

De un tiempo a esta parte...

NO hace falta que pongan los niños a cubierto...

Cuando era adolescente

¿Quieres que te lo cuente otra vez?

La luna y el grifo

Humo otra vez

Yo Leonor, part two



La burbuja

Disfraz que no vestido

El atributo

Los "ni-ni"

La cobardía

Parejas rotas

Mujeres como esas

Tupido Velo

III Translation Exercises all levels (Spanish - English): Upper Beginners and Intermediate

Saber de Historia es bueno

Internet, presente y fututo

Los otros Héroes

Esperanza frente a la maldad

Una privacidad inadmisible

Alexia y Mambo

Larry Kind se divorcia

Bullyiing en las escuelas

IV Translation Exercises for Beginners or Upper Beginners (Spanish - English)

Soy un icono

Psicosis cumple medio siglo

HIllary sin vestido para la boda

V Inverse Translation Exercises , all levels (English - Spanish)

Ex senator John Edwards, abandoned by his wife upper beginners and intermediate

Beyoncé helps addicts

The Simpsons stand behind South Park

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