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We are very excited today to launch the world’s first Spanish-English Video Dictionary, featuring video translations for more than 5,000 of the most popular words and phrases in the Spanish language.

Learning a new language is best when you have access to both audio and visual features, teaching you exactly how to position your mouth when you form a word. The content for each video is based on common phrases you would hear or read while traveling in a Spanish speaking country like “te quiero,” “acomodar,” and “alquilar.”


Key features of the new dictionary feature include:


* HD Video; Studio Quality Audio

- Each video was filmed with high quality, HD video to provide a close-up visual reference of how a native speaker pronounces each word. Add URL for HD video.

* Native Spanish Speaker Pronunciations

- Both quick and slow pronunciation of each word to demonstrate proper pronunciation.

* Contextual Example Sentences

- Full sentences in both Spanish and English to ensure accurate and proper translations.

* Usage Information

- Every video includes the part of speech, gender, and usage tips

We hope you enjoy this new learning resource and that it helps you in perfecting your own Spanish pronunciation. We’d love to hear what you think!



Killer Content


that is great


SpanishDict's new dictionary comes up with the first three entries in a Google search!!!


Such a great idea !


This will be a really great tool, congratulation for thinking of it.


really love that, spanish is good


Only six months since I discovered your site, and it just keeps getting better by leaps and bounds every day! Thanks so much for all you offer, Terri


great idea this will be relly useful. gracias lee


I am a student learning the spanish. I was very happy when i come across this news. I wish to thanks you for the good work and i hope that you will continue doing it.

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