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Now you can take SpanishDict with you anywhere in the world! No need to be connected to the internet to have access to our complete dictionary, a talking phrasebook, an interactive vocabulary game, the word of the day, and your very own favorites list. And of course, it’s all free!

Browse the full version of our Spanish-English dictionary with the same features you love on the web: multiple definitions, auto-suggest as you type, and audio pronunciations without ever having to be connected to the internet.

The phrasebook includes over 700 phrases and words with audio pronunciations by native Spanish-speakers and both the English and Spanish translations. This is a priceless tool when you are traveling and need to know how to ask “Do you have double rooms?” at a hotel or “Would you like to dance?” to that cutie at the dance club.

The word game is surprisingly addictive for Spanish-speakers of all levels, from beginner to native. The game gives you the word and the pronunciation by a native speaker, and you just have to choose the correct translation. The more words you get right, the harder they become. See if you can get all the way to level 15!

And don’t worry about missing the word of the day if you are away from the internet either. There is a complete set of word of the day entries right there in the app! You can even add your favorite words to your “Favorites” to remember for later or simply to email to yourself.

We are super excited about this new app and how it give you so many more resources for learning and practicing Spanish. You can download it from the iTunes app store. We hope you enjoy it and if you do, please tell your friends and leave positive feedback on the app page in iTunes.



thank you so much! er, ¡gracias!


i love to read in spanish, its like the best


i love to do spanish it is awsome.


Hmmm...Wonder if it would work on the iPod Touch!


I have several students with advanced tech phones. I already use your site & its resources in class. Paralee is like my Teacher Assistant; my students all know her by name. Now I will be sure to get them excited about the new app. This will certainly be right up their tech-loving alley. Thanks for making my job as a teacher a little bit easier! Keep the innovations & resources coming!


Half a year later, and i still use this all the time! The multiple choice word game is great for keeping up with my vocab. It seems to repeat alot of words, however. And getting up to the 15th level doesn't seem like much of an objective when you just start back at level 1 again. I understand the thinking behind it, just wanted to say that its a great app and so naturally I want more =P Any plans to update the app with more word games, etc?


I'm sure your iPhone app will be well recieved, but how about one for those of us with google android phones or blackberries? We would love to have a spanishdict app as well.


The dictionary app is great (and yes it works perfectly on an iPod Touch)! One suggestion -- it would be a *big* help for beginning Spanish learners if the dictionary indicated whether nouns are masculino or femenino. Muchas gracias!


Thank you for putting so much time and work into the Span¡shD!ct!! I appreciate this valuable resource. Are you working on an app for the blackberry?


So..just to be clear, I can download this app and then use it to translate while i travel abroad without racking up data/internet charges on my iphone? If so, this is awesome. I'm traveling to Colombia in July and I'm going to need a translation program with me at all times. I was worried this would cost me hundreds of dollars of roaming charges.


Sorry, Ryan, but this app does not do translations. It does however, have the complete dictionary so you can look up individual words. You will not need the internet for access to the dictionary like a lot of apps out there.


hopefully there will also be an Android App soon!


I notice on the web site that a free Android app is advertised although this does not seem to exist either on Android Marketplace nor on AppBrain. Does anyone know where to get the app?


I love free apps.


Thanks, great for my holidays :)


@tolenz Check out our Android app page here:

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