The word sobrepondrá is the future form of sobreponer in the third person singular. See the full sobreponer conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to place on top of) 
Para no tener frío suelo sobreponer dos jerséis encima de esta camiseta.To avoid being cold, I usually put two sweaters on top of this t-shirt.
pronominal verb
2. (to recuperate from) 
No creo que jamas pueda sobreponerme a la muerte de mi amigo.I do not think I will ever be able to overcome the death of my friend.
Miguel se sobrepuso a la enfermedad y ahora está muy sano.Miguel recovered from his illness and now he is very healthy.
Tienes que sobreponerte a tu miedo a las agujas para que te pongan la vacuna.You have to get over your fear of needles so you can get the vaccine.
Sé que es duro que tu novio te deje, pero tienes que sobreponerte.I know it's hard that your boyfriend broke up with you, but you have to pull yourself together.
3. (to win against) 
El tenista se sobrepuso a su oponente y ganó el partido.The tennis player triumphed over his opponent and won the match.
transitive verb
1. (poner encima) 
a. to put on top 
2. (anteponer) 
a. no direct translation 
sobreponer algo a algoto put something before something
pronominal verb
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
sobreponerse a algoto overcome something
sobreponersobrepuesto (participio_de_pasado)
transitive verb
1 (poner encima de) to put on top;en of; superimpose;en on
2 (añadir) to add;en to
3 (anteponer)
sobreponer A a B to give A preference over B
pronominal verb
1 (recobrar la calma) to control o.s.; pull o.s. together
2 (vencer dificultades) to win through
sobreponerse a una enfermedad to pull through an illness; sobreponerse a un enemigo to overcome an enemy; sobreponerse a un rival to triumph over a rival; sobreponerse a un susto to get over a fright
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