intransitive verb
1. (to materialize) 
a. to arise 
El cirujano puede solucionar cualquier complicación que surja durante la operación.The surgeon can address any complications that may arise during surgery.
Si surgiera algún problema mientras estamos fuera, llámanos de inmediato.If a problem were to come up while we are away, call us immediately.
c. to emerge 
De nuestra discusión de la tarde surgieron varias ideas buenas.Several good ideas emerged from our afternoon discussion.
d. to appear 
El carro surgió de la nada y no me dio tiempo girar para evitarlo.The car appeared out of nowhere and I didn't have time to swerve to avoid it.
2. (to rise up) 
Cuando la perforadora perforó la tierra, surgió una corriente constante de agua.When the drilling machine pierced the earth, a steady stream of water sprang forth.
intransitive verb
1 (aparecer) (gen) to arise; emerge; appear; [+líquido] to spout; spout out; spurt; [+barco] (en la niebla) to loom up; [+persona] to appear unexpectedly
la torre surge en medio del bosque the tower rises up out of the woods
2 [+dificultad] to arise; come up; crop up
han surgido varios problemas several problems have come up o cropped up
3 (Náutica) to anchor
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