Present participle ofarrastrar.


A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to move along the ground)
a. to drag
¡Deja de arrastrar los pies!Stop dragging your feet!
b. to sweep (clothing)
Mi hija va a llevar un vestido con una cola que arrastra.My daughter will wear a dress with a train that sweeps the ground.
c. to brush (clothing)
Esa falda es tan larga que arrastra el suelo.That skirt is so long that it brushes the ground.
2. (to pull)
a. to sweep away (a river)
El caballo fue arrastrado por el río mientras intentaba cruzarlo.The horse was swept away by the river as he was trying to cross it.
b. to carry out (the ocean)
Las olas arrastraron la balsa mar adentro.The waves carried the raft out to sea.
c. to blow along (wind)
El viento arrastra las hojas en la acera.The wind is blowing the leaves along the sidewalk.
3. (automobile)
a. to tow
No podemos arrastrar la lancha con un vocho.We can't tow the skiff with a VW bug.
4. (finance)
a. to drag down
El cierre de la fábrica arrastró el mercado.The factory closure dragged down the market.
5. (to be ill with)
a. to drag on
Vengo arrastrando una tos.I have a cough that is dragging on.
6. (to lure)
a. to draw
Ese artista callejero siempre arrastra a la multitud.That street performer always draws a crowd.
b. to attract
La feria siempre arrastra a mucha gente.The fair always attracts a lot of people.
7. (to persuade)
a. to influence
No te permitas arrastrar por sus palabras.Don't let yourself be influenced by his words.
b. to win over
No es de los que se deja arrastrar por una moda pasajera.She's not the type to be won over by a fad.
8. (to mumble)
a. to slur
¿Por qué estás arrastrando las palabras? - No he dormido y tengo mucho sueño.Why are you slurring your words? - I didn't sleep and I'm very tired.
A reflexive verb is a verb that indicates that the subject performs an action on itself (e.g. Miguel se lava.).
reflexive verb
9. (to move along the ground)
a. to crawl
¿Por qué ese perro se está arrastrando como un bebé?Why is that dog crawling like a baby?
b. to slither
Las serpientes se arrastran.Snakes slither.
c. to drag oneself
El soldado se arrastró por el suelo.The solider dragged himself along the ground.
10. (to prostrate oneself)
a. to grovel
Los campesinos se arrastraron frente al rey.The peasants groveled before the king.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (objeto, pies)
a. to drag
2. (carro, vagón)
a. to pull
el viento arrastró las hojasthe wind blew the leaves along
3. (computers)
arrastrar y soltarto drag and drop
4. (convencer)
a. to win over, to sway
arrastrar a alguien a algo/a hacer algoto lead somebody into something/to do something
dejarse arrastrar por algo/alguiento allow oneself to be swayed by something/somebody
5. (soportar)
arrastra una vida miserableshe leads a miserable life
arrastra muchas deudashe has a lot of debts hanging over him
6. (al hablar)
arrastra las erreshe rolls his r's
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
7. (rozar el suelo)
a. to drag along the ground
te arrastra el vestidoyour dress is dragging on the ground
A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
pronominal verb
8. (por el suelo)
a. to crawl
los soldados se arrastraban por el barrothe soldiers crawled through the mud
9. (humillarse)
a. to grovel
se arrastró ante ellahe groveled to her
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transitive verb
1 [+objeto pesado] to drag; [+carro] to pull; [+caravana] to tow; [+vestido, capa] to trail (along the ground)
no arrastres la silla por el suelo don't drag that chair (along the ground); arrastrar los pies to drag one's feet; shuffle along; arrastrar las palabras to slur one's words
2 (transportar) [+río, viento] to sweep away o along
la corriente arrastró las ramas the current swept the branches away o along
3 (atraer) to draw; attract
su última película ha arrastrado mucho público his latest film has drawn o attracted large audiences
este grupo arrastra a masas de adolescentes
no te dejes arrastrar por esa idea don't get carried away by that idea; arrastrar a algn a hacer algo to sweep sb into doing sth
4 (soportar)
este país arrastra desde hace décadas el problema del paro this country's been dogged by unemployment for decades; arrastra un complejo de inferioridad desde la adolescencia he's had an inferiority complex ever since he was a youth
5 (provocar) [+dificultad, problema] to bring with it
su dimisión arrastró varias crisis financieras his resignation brought with it several financial crises
6 (Bridge) [+triunfos] to draw
intransitive verb
1 [+vestido, capa] to trail (along the ground); drag
te arrastra el vestido your dress is trailing (along the ground) o dragging
2 (Botánica) to trail
pronominal verb
1 (reptar) [+bebé, serpiente] to crawl; [+herido] to drag o.s.
la oruga se arrastraba lentamente por el suelo the caterpillar crawled along the ground; la víctima se arrastró hasta la puerta the victim dragged himself to the door
2 (humillarse) to grovel
se arrastró ante el profesor para conseguir el aprobado he grovelled to the teacher so as to get a pass mark
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