"pasear" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to go for a walk
  • pasear a caballo -> to go horse riding
transitive verb
  • pasear a alguien -> to take somebody for a walk; to show somebody off, to parade somebody (figurative)
  • pasear al perro -> to walk the dog
pronomial verb
1. to go for a walk (caminar)
2. (ganar con facilidad)
  • Colombia se paseó en la final -> the final was a walkover for Colombia

pasear [pah-say-ar’]
article & verb transitive & verb neuter
1. To walk, to take the air, to exercise.
2. To be at the walk, to be in the field.
3. To move at the slowest pace (caballo).
4. To walk about, to bring out to walk (niño, perro).
5. To take the air or exercise on horseback or in a coach.
6. To squander (dinero). (Ante Meridian & Central America) (m)
verb reflexive
7. To walk for exercise or amusement.
8. To loiter, to wander idly, to gape about.
9. To take a day off. (Mexico)
  • Pasearse en bicicleta -> to go for a ride
  • Pasearse en coche -> to go for a drive
  • Pasearse a caballo -> to ride

1 [+perro, niño] to take for a walk; walk
2 (exhibir) [+ropa, coche] to parade; show off
pasear la calle a una muchacha (España) to walk up and down the street where a girl lives
4 (Centroamérica) [+dinero] to squander
5 (España) (Hist) to execute summarily
1 (gen) to go for a walk; go for a stroll; (de un lado a otro) to walk about; walk up and down
pasear en bicicleta to go for a ride; go cycling; pasear en coche to go for a drive; go for a run in the car; pasear a caballo to ride; go riding; pasear en bote to go sailing
2 (España) (estar ocioso) to idle; loaf about
pasearse por un tema (España) to deal superficially with a subject
pasearse (México) to take a day off

Verb Conjugations for "pasear" (go to to go for a walk/ride/drive)


yo paseo paseé paseaba pasearía pasearé
paseas paseaste paseabas pasearías pasearás
él/ella/Ud. pasea paseó paseaba pasearía paseará
nosotros paseamos paseamos paseábamos pasearíamos pasearemos
vosotros paseáis paseasteis paseabais pasearíais pasearéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. pasean pasearon paseaban pasearían pasearán
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