intransitive verb
1. (to go around) 
a. to go for a walk (on foot) 
Me encanta ir a pasear por la playa.I love going for a walk on the beach.
b. to go for a drive (by car) 
Paseamos por la costa en mi carro nuevo.We went for a drive along the coast in my new car.
c. to go for a ride (via vehicle or animal) 
Paseo en bici cada domingo por la mañana.I go for a ride on my bike every Sunday morning.
transitive verb
2. (to take for a walk) 
a. to walk 
Pasea a su perro por el parque por la noche.She walks her dog around the park at night.
3. (to exhibit) 
Mi hermana paseó su nuevo atuendo en la fiesta.My sister showed off her new outfit at the party.
pronominal verb
4. (to go around) 
Cuando necesito pensar, voy a las montañas a pasearme.When I need to think, I go to the mountains for a walk.
b. to walk 
Se paseó todo el día por el centro comercial.She walked around the mall all day long.
intransitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to go for a walk 
pasear a caballoto go horse riding
transitive verb
2. (general) 
pasear a alguiento take somebody for a walk
pasear al perroto walk the dog
pronominal verb
3. (caminar) 
a. to go for a walk 
4. (ganar con facilidad) 
Colombia se paseó en la finalthe final was a walkover for Colombia
transitive verb
1 [+perro, niño] to take for a walk; walk
2 (exhibir) [+ropa, coche] to parade; show off
pasear la calle a una muchacha (España) to walk up and down the street where a girl lives
4 (Centroamérica) [+dinero] to squander
5 (España) (Hist) to execute summarily
intransitive verb
pronominal verb
1 (gen) to go for a walk; go for a stroll; (de un lado a otro) to walk about; walk up and down
pasear en bicicleta to go for a ride; go cycling; pasear en coche to go for a drive; go for a run in the car; pasear a caballo to ride; go riding; pasear en bote to go sailing
2 (España) (estar ocioso) to idle; loaf about
pasearse por un tema (España) to deal superficially with a subject
pasearse (México) to take a day off
Phrases with "pasear"
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pasear en barco 
to go for a boat ride 
pasear al perro 
to walk the dog 
pasear en bicicleta 
to go for a bicycle ride 
pasear en bote 
to go on a boat ride 
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