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Outside SpanishDict: Practice with Native Speakers

  • UT at Austin Practice Proficiency Exercises - videos of native speakers from various locations. Some talk fast, others talk slow, and some have specific regional dialects. There are also vocabulary, phrases, and grammar explanations
  • Destinos - This is a 52 part series in Spanish for high school and adult learners. This telenovela, or Spanish soap opera, immerses students in everyday situations with native speakers and introduces the cultures, accents, and dialects of Mexico, Spain, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. You can buy the accompanying workbook and book as well.
  • Classic Children's Fairytales in Spanish - Each week, Cody and one of his human pals from Spain, Mexico or Argentina presents a well-told tale in Spanish from a professional storyteller who is a native Spanish speaker.
  • Dialectoteca del Español - Phonetics - is an audiovisual library, which uses speech samples from a wide variety of native speakers to document the most representative patterns in the pronunciation of modern spoken Spanish. The site also includes descriptions of the factors that cause allophonic variation, maps that identify the main dialectal regions, orthographic and phonetic transcriptions of the interviews, descriptions of the main dialectal features, and exercises that allow users to check their ability to recognize Spanish dialects based on their phonetic properties.
  • Accents of Spanish - A catalogue of Hispanic voices with audiovisual presentations of the different dialects and accents of the Spanish language.
  • News Channels in Spanish - practice listening to the news in different accents
  • Lo más TV - LoMásTv is an online video magazine for Spanish learners who wish to improve their Spanish skills. Authentic Spanish videos include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries, and travel.
  • BBC Spanish -- Mi vida loca - Interact with 22 episodes - great for beginners complete with printouts
  • Lingus TV - Videos of common situations from beginner to advanced, with Spanish subtitles and written transcripts
  • Spanish Songs - Pay for songs to learn beginner Spanish (colors, the alphabet, animals, etc.)
  • Spanish Podcast - This podcast is directed to those who speak Spanish but who would like to improve their spoken and written Spanish to a higher level. Great for improving grammar, vocabulary, and fluidity as well as colloquial expressions. There are videos as well as beautiful photos from around the world.
  • Notes in Spanish - Free audio recordings for all levels, pay for worksheets and additional exercise
  • Discovery Kids en español - The Backyardigans, Clifford, Cantando con Doki and more. Children's cartoons in Spanish that are great for beginners.
  • Sesame Street in Spanish - Watch cute little muppets and learn basic Spanish from spelling to counting and more
  • Bowdoin - a great collection of grammar exercises and guides for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners
  • Tu Tradición Latina - a site dedicated to podcasts about traditional Latin American music.

Dictionaries, Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Resources

Games and Puzzles

  • EclipseCrossword - free software to make your own crossword puzzles - an excellent way to practice advanced vocabulary
  • Tongue Twisters - fun phrases and stories to help you practice your pronunciation
  • The Translator Alligator - beginner flashcard style games
  • Syvum - English - Spanish Translation Games, Dictionary, Language Activities & Quiz