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Classic Children's Fairytales... in Spanish!!!!

Each week, Cody and one of his human pals from Spain, Mexico or Argentina presents a well-told tale in Spanish from a professional storyteller who is a native Spanish speaker. Spanish-speaking and bilingual families everywhere can now introduce to their children classic fairytales of the Brothers Grimm , Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, among others.

A traditional, yet innovative approach to entertaining children, Cody’s Cuentos podcast offers parents a timeless and proven alternative to DVDs and videogames that will captivate and stimulate young minds. The audio cuentos of Cody are also an excellent resource in the classroom for elementary school teachers working with Spanish-speaking students.

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  • Posted Mar 24, 2010
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This is awesome, Benz...thanks!

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Heyyy, if it isn't everybody's favorite Niñera!

This site IS awesome. I remember I bookmarked it when somebody else posted this a while back. Thanks for posting it up again for people that may not have seen it.


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Just listened to the first story, Humpty Dumpty... lots of learning potential here. Thanks for finding and sharing this, Benz

  • De nada amigo. Me alegro te guste!! Saludos!! - Benz Jul 25, 2012 flag
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