transitive verb
1. (to cover a wound) 
Le vendaron el brazo y lo llevaron al hospital de campaña.They bandaged his arm and took him to the field hospital.
b. to dress 
Limpia la herida con una gasa pero no la vendes.Clean the wound with gauze but don't dress it.
2. (to cover the eyes) 
Los secuestradores lo vendaron y maniataron.The kidnappers blindfolded him and tied his hands.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to bandage 
vendar los ojos a alguiento blindfold somebody
transitive verb
1 [+herida] to bandage; dress; [+ojos] to cover; blindfold
2 (enceguecer) to blind
vendar los ojos a algn to hoodwink sb
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vendar los ojos
to blindfold
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