pronominal verb
1. (to determine by luck) 
El grupo de amigos se sorteó el póster para decidir quién se lo quedaría y ganó Julián.The group of friends drew lots to decide who would keep the poster and Julian won.
transitive verb
2. (to determine by luck) 
El profesor sorteó las golosinas entre sus alumnos.The teacher drew lots for the candy among her students.
3. (to elude) 
a. to avoid 
El coche sorteó el árbol caído y siguió adelante.The car avoided the fallen tree and moved forward.
b. to dodge 
Ana consiguió sortear el atasco atravesando por un atajo.Ana was able to dodge the traffic jam by taking a shortcut.
Los excursionistas sortearon la grieta y continuaron por el camino.The hikers negotiated the crevice and continued along the path.
Si tienes un problema debes enfrentarte a él y no intentar sortearlo.If you have a problem you should face it instead of trying to get around it.
4. (to offer something as a prize in a raffle) 
a. to raffle 
Van a sortear un viaje a las Bahamas en la fiesta navideña de la empresa.They're going to raffle a trip to the Bahamas at our company's Christmas party.
5. (to avoid a question) 
El actor sorteó las cuestiones comprometidas de la entrevista.The actor handled the compromising questions in the interview skillfully.
Miguel intentó sortear mi pregunta pero al final tuvo que responder.Miguel tried to deal with my question skillfully but in the end he had to answer it.
transitive verb
1. (rifar) 
a. to raffle 
2. (echar a suertes) 
a. to draw lots for 
van a sortear un viajethere will be a prize draw for a holiday
3. (esquivar) 
a. to negotiate 
4. (preguntas) 
a. to avoid, to sidestep 
sortearon todas las dificultades que encontraronthey got o worked around all the difficulties they came up against
pronominal verb
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
se sortearon quién iría primerothey drew lots to decide who would go first
se sorteará un viaje al Caribethere will be a draw for a Caribbean holiday
transitive verb
1 (decidir al azar) to draw lots for
2 (rifar) (gen) to raffle; (Dep) to toss up for;
3 (evitar) [+obstáculo] to dodge; avoid
el torero sorteó al toro the bullfighter dodged out of the bull's way; el esquiador sorteó las banderas con habilidad the skier swerved skilfully round the flags; aquí hay que sortear el tráfico you have to weave in and out of the traffic here
4 (librarse de) [+dificultad] to avoid; get round; [+pregunta] to handle; deal with; deal with skilfully o skillfully; (EEUU)
intransitive verb
1 (en sorteo) to draw lots
2 (con moneda) to toss; toss up
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