saldaste you settled
The word saldaste is the preterite form of saldar in the second person singular. See the full saldar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to pay up) 
a. to settle 
Finalmente saldé la deuda que tenía con el locador.I finally settled my debt with the lessor.
b. to pay 
Mi suegro me prestó dinero y así pude saldar todas mis deudas.My father-in-law lent me money, so I was able to pay all my debts.
El propietario tardó doce años en saldar la hipoteca.It took the homeowner twelve years to pay off his mortgage.
2. (to sort out) 
a. to settle 
Laura y Silvia saldaron sus diferencias y terminaron siendo mejores amigas.Laura and Silvia settled their differences and actually became best friends.
3. (to sell out) 
La tienda ofreció un 40% de descuento para tratar de saldar el stock.The store tried to sell off the stock by offering a 40% discount.
pronominal verb
4. (to produce; used with "con") 
La inundación se saldó en quince muertos y pérdidas por miles de pesos.The flood resulted in fifteen deaths and thousands of pesos in damages.
transitive verb
1. (pagar; cuenta) 
a. to close 
2. (deuda) 
a. to settle 
3. (asunto) 
a. to settle 
4. (commerce) 
a. to sell off 
pronominal verb
5. (acabar) 
a. no direct translation 
saldarse conto produce
la pelea se saldó con once heridoseleven people were injured in the brawl
transitive verb
1 (Com) [+cuenta] to settle; pay; [+deuda] to settle; pay off
2 [+diferencias] to settle
3 (liquidar) [+existencias] to clear; sell off; [+libros] to remainder
pronominal verb
saldarse con algo to result in sth; el accidente se ha saldado con cuatro muertos the accident resulted in four deaths; four people died in the accident
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