A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to reduce the width of)
a. to narrow
El alcalde ha decidido estrechar el carril bici porque ocupaba demasiado en la carretera.The mayor has decided to narrow the bike trail because it took up too much space in the street.
b. to take in (tailoring)
El sastre me estrechó el vestido porque me quedaba grande.The tailor took my dress in because it was too loose.
2. (to hold close)
a. to hug
Mi padre me estrechó con mucho cariño cuando volví a casa por Navidad.My father hugged me with affection when I returned home for Christmas.
b. to embrace
El príncipe estrechó a la princesa y la besó.The prince embraced the princess and kissed her.
c. to hold
Juan estrechó fuertemente a María después de casi un mes sin verla.Juan held Maria tightly after almost a month without seeing her.
3. (to become close with)
a. to strengthen
Marta y Manuel estrecharon lazos tras ir de vacaciones juntos.Marta and Manuel strengthened their bond after going on vacation together.
A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
pronominal verb
4. (to reduce in width)
a. to get narrower
La carretera se estrecha allí y el tráfico avanza muy lento.The road gets narrower there and traffic moves forward very slowly.
b. to narrow
El túnel de dos carriles se estrecha a uno solo.The two-lane tunnel narrows into only one lane.
5. (to get close)
a. to grow stronger
La relación de los dos amigos se estrechó hasta tal punto que eran inseparables.The relationship between the two friends grew stronger to the point that they became inseparable.
6. (to economize)
a. to reduce costs
La familia tuvo que estrecharse porque no llegaba a fin de mes.The family had to reduce costs because they didn't make ends meet that month.
7. (to compress)
a. to squeeze in
Los cuatro amigos se estrecharon para caber en la parte trasera del coche.The four friends squeezed in to fit in the rear seats of the car.
b. to squeeze together
Los dos niños se estrecharon para sentarse en el asiento del autobús.The two children squeezed together to sit on the bus seat.
A reciprocal verb is a verb that indicates that two or more subjects perform an action on each other (e.g. Ellos se abrazan.).
reciprocal verb
8. (to hold)
a. to embrace
La pareja se estrechó en un largo abrazo tras haber discutido.The couple embraced in a long hug after the argument.
b. to hug
Las dos amigas se estrecharon después de años sin verse.The two friends hugged one another after many years without meeting.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (hacer estrecho)
a. to narrow
2. (ropa)
a. to take in
3. (relaciones)
a. to make closer
ambos países estrecharon sus vínculos de amistadthe two countries strengthened their ties of friendship
4. (apretar)
a. to squeeze, to hug
estrechar la mano a alguiento shake somebody's hand
la estrechó entre sus brazoshe hugged o embraced her
A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
pronominal verb
5. (hacerse estrecho)
a. to narrow
6. (abrazarse)
a. to embrace
7. (apretarse)
a. to squeeze up
se estrecharon en un fuerte abrazothey hugged one another tightly
se estrecharon la manothey shook hands
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transitive verb
1 (hacer estrecho) [+calle] to narrow; [+vestido] to take in
¿me puedes estrechar esta falda? can you take in this skirt for me?
2 (aumentar) [+lazos, relaciones] to tighten; [+amistad] to strengthen
3 (abrazar) to hug; embrace (formal)
me estrechó entre sus brazos he held me in his arms; he hugged me; estrechar la mano a algn to shake sb's hand; shake hands with sb
4 (obligar) to compel
5 [+enemigo] to press hard
pronominal verb
1 [+calle] to narrow; get narrower
la carretera se estrecha al llegar al puente the road narrows o gets narrower over the bridge
2 (abrazarse) to embrace (formal); embrace one another (formal); hug
se estrecharon la mano they shook hands
3 (aumentar) [+amistad] to become stronger; become more intimate; [+lazos, relaciones] to become closer
estrecharse con algn to get very friendly with sb; grow close to sb
estrecharse en los gastos to economize; cut down on expenditure
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