desterraremos we will banish
The word desterraremos is the future form of desterrar in the first person plural. See the full desterrar conjugation.
transitive verb
1. (to deport) 
a. to banish 
El rey desterró al caballero cuando descubrió que estaba enamorado de la reina.The king banished the knight when he discovered that he was in love with the queen.
b. to exile (literary) 
El escritor fue desterrado por tener ideas diferentes a las del régimen.The writer was exiled for having different ideas than those of the regime.
2. (to forget) 
La psicóloga me dijo que desterrara la idea de que todo el mundo me mira.The psychologist told me to dismiss the idea that everyone looks at me.
b. to banish (literary) 
Julián desterró el temor a ser rechazado al conocer a Ana.Julián banished his fear of rejection once he met Ana.
3. (agriculture) 
Si quieres que las malas hierbas no vuelvan a crecer, destierra la planta.If you want to stop weeds from growing, remove the soil from the plant.
transitive verb
1. (persona) 
a. to banish, to exile 
2. (idea) 
a. to dismiss 
3. (costumbre, hábito) 
a. to do away with 
transitive verb
1 (exiliar) to exile; banish
2 (desechar) to dismiss
desterrar una sospecha to banish a suspicion from one's mind; desterrar el uso de las armas de fuego to banish firearms; prohibit the use of firearms
3 (Agr) (Minería) to remove the soil from
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