"vacilar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to hesitate (dudar); to be indecisive (al elegir)
2. to falter (voz, principios, régimen)
3. to flicker (fluctuar) (luz); to be irregular (pulso)
4. to wobble, to sway (tambalearse)
5. to swank, to show off (informal) (chulear)
6. (informal) (bromear)
  • está vacilando -> he's pulling your leg o kidding (peninsular Spanish, Carib, Mexican Spanish), he's taking the mickey (British)
transitive verb
7. (informal)
  • vacilar a alguien -> to pull somebody's leg(tomar el pelo) (peninsular Spanish, Carib, Mexican Spanish), to take the mickey out of somebody (British)

vacilar [vah-the-lar’]
verb neuter
1. To vacillate, to waver, to fluctuate; to be perplexed; to wander or be confused; to reel, to stagger (persona). (n)
2. To flicker (luz). (n)
3. To hesitate. (n)
  • Vacilar entre dos posibilidades -> to hesitate between two possibilities
4. Vacilar con uno, to tease somebody. (n)
5. To get plastered (emborracharse). (Mexico) (n)

1 (dudar) to hesitate; waver; (ser indeciso) to vacillate; (esperar) to hold back from doing sth
sin vacilar unhesitatingly; vacilar en hacer algo to hesitate to do sth; vacilar entre dos posibilidades to hesitate between two possibilities; es un hombre que vacila mucho he is a very indecisive man; he is a man who dithers a lot; no vaciles en decírmelo don't hesitate to tell me about it
2 (por falta de estabilidad) [+mueble] to be unsteady; wobble; [+persona] (al andar) to totter; reel; (al hablar) to falter; [+memoria] to fail; [+moralidad] to be collapsing
3 [+luz] to flicker
4 (variar)
un sabor que vacila entre agradable y desagradable a taste which varies o ranges between nice and nasty
5 (guasearse)
vacilar con algn to tease sb; take the mickey out of sb (muy_familiar)
6 (México) (divertirse) to have fun; lark about (familiar); (ir de juerga) to go on a spree
vacilar con algn
7 (presumir) to talk big (familiar); show off; swank (familiar)
1 (burlarse de) to take the mickey out of (muy_familiar); make fun of
¡no me vaciles! stop messing me about! (familiar)
2 (Centroamérica) (engañar) to trick

Verb Conjugations for "vacilar" (go to to hesitate; to have fun)


yo vacilo vacilé vacilaba vacilaría vacilaré
vacilas vacilaste vacilabas vacilarías vacilarás
él/ella/Ud. vacila vaciló vacilaba vacilaría vacilará
nosotros vacilamos vacilamos vacilábamos vacilaríamos vacilaremos
vosotros vaciláis vacilasteis vacilabais vacilaríais vacilaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. vacilan vacilaron vacilaban vacilarían vacilarán
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