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transitive verb
1. to suffer (padecer) ; to have (accidente)
  • no sufrió daños it wasn't damaged
  • sufrió una agresión he was the victim of an attack
2. to bear, to stand (soportar)
  • tengo que sufrir sus manías I have to put up with his idiosyncrasies
3. to undergo, to experience (experimentar)
  • la Bolsa sufrió una caída the stock market fell
  • la empresa ha sufrido pérdidas the company has reported o made losses
intransitive verb
4. to suffer (padecer)
  • sufrir de to suffer from (enfermedad)
  • sufrir del estómago to have a stomach complaint
transitive verb
1 (tener) [+accidente] to have; suffer; [+consecuencias, revés] to suffer; [+cambio] to undergo; [+intervención quirúrgica] to have; undergo; [+pérdida] to suffer; sustain
la ciudad sufrió un ataque the city suffered o sustained an attack; sufrió un ataque al corazón he had a heart attack; sufrir un colapso to collapse
2 (soportar)
Juan no puede sufrir a su jefe Juan can't bear o stand his boss; no puede sufrir que la imiten she can't bear o stand people imitating her
3 [+examen, prueba] to undergo
4 (sostener) to hold up; support
intransitive verb
to suffer
sufría en silencio she suffered in silence; mi madre sufre mucho si llego tarde a casa my mother gets terribly worried if I'm late home; hacer sufrir a algn to make sb suffer; sufrir de algo to suffer from sth; sufre de reumatismo she suffers from rheumatism; sufre mucho de los pies she suffers a lot o has a lot of trouble with her feet
Verb Conjugations for sufrir
Gerund: sufriendo
Participle: sufrido
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