transitive verb
1. (to place someone in a seat) 
a. to sit 
Senté a mi madre a mi lado.I sat my mother next to me.
2. (to establish) 
a. to set 
Sentamos las bases de la cooperación internacional.We set the foundations of the international cooperation.
intransitive verb
3. (clothing, color) 
a. to suit 
Ese vestido no te sienta bien.That dress doesn't suit you well.
4. (food) 
Me gusta el ajo, pero no me sienta bien.I like garlic, but it doesn't agree with me.
reflexive verb
5. (to be seated) 
a. to sit 
Prefiero sentarme al lado del radiador.I prefer to sit next to the radiator.
transitive verb
1. (en asiento) 
a. to seat, to sit 
2. (establecer) 
sentar las bases parato lay the foundations of
sentar precedenteto set a precedent
intransitive verb
3. (comida) 
sentar bien/mal a alguiento agree/disagree with somebody
algunos consideran que una copita de vino sienta biensome people think a glass of wine is good for you
4. (ropa, color) 
a. to suit 
no le sienta bienit doesn't suit her
5. (vacaciones, medicamento) 
sentar bien a alguiento do somebody good
6. (comentario, consejo) 
le sentó malit upset her
le sentó bienshe appreciated it
pronominal verb
7. (general) 
a. to sit down 
sentarse a hacer algoto sit down and do something
siéntatetake a seat
siéntate donde quierassit wherever you like
transitive verb
1 [+persona] to sit; seat
2 (colocar) [+objeto] to place; place firmly
sentar las costuras to press the seams; sentar el último ladrillo to tap the last brick into place; sentar las bases de algo to lay the foundations for sth
3 (establecer) [+base, principio] to establish; [+precedente] to set
sentar una suma en la cuenta de algn (Com) to put a sum down to sb's account
5 (And) (Caribe) [+persona] to crush; squash
6 (And) [+caballo] to rein in sharply; pull up sharply
intransitive verb
1 (en el aspecto) to suit
ese peinado le sienta horriblemente that hairstyle doesn't suit her at all; that hairstyle looks awful on her
sentar bien/mal a algn [+comida] to agree/disagree with sb; no me sientan bien las gambas prawns disagree with me; unas vacaciones le sentarían bien he could do with a holiday
3 (agradar)
sentar bien/mal to go down well/badly; le ha sentado mal que lo hayas hecho tú he didn't like your doing it
sentar como un tiro
a mí me sienta como un tiro it suits me like a hole in the head (familiar)
pronominal verb
1 [+persona] to sit; sit down; seat o.s. (formal)
¡siéntese! (do) sit down; take a seat; sentémonos aquí let's sit (down) here; se sentó a comer she sat down to eat
2 [+sedimento] to settle
3 [+tiempo] to settle; settle down; clear up
4 (Archit) [+cimientos] to settle
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donde se pueden sentar tres o cuatro personas 
that can seat three or four people 
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