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pronominal verb
1. to complain (protestar)(de about); to moan (de about)
  • siempre está quejándose del frío que hace en este país (refunfuñar) he's always complaining about how cold it is in this country
  • no sé de qué te quejas I don't know what you're complaining about
  • quejarse de vicio (informal) to complain about nothing
2. to moan, to groan (expresar dolor, pena)
  • últimamente se queja mucho de la espalda recently she's been complaining a lot that her back hurts
pronominal verb
1 (reclamar) (gen) to complain;de about, of; (refunfuñando) to grumble;de about, at; (protestando) to protest;de about, at
quejarse a la dirección to complain to the management; quejarse de que to complain (about the fact) that; se quejó de que nadie lo escuchaba he complained that nobody listened to him; quejarse de vicio to be always complaining
2 (gemir) (gen) to moan; groan; (lloriqueando) to whine
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