"preocupar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to worry (inquietar)
  • me preocupa no saber nada de él -> I'm worried I haven't heard from him
2. to bother (importar)
  • sólo le preocupa su apariencia externa -> he's only bothered about his appearance
pronomial verb
1. to worry (inquietarse) (por about), to be worried (por about)
  • no te preocupes -> don't worry
  • no te preocupes por ella -> don't worry about her
2. (encargarse)
  • preocuparse de algo -> to take care of something
  • preocuparse de hacer algo -> to see to it that something is done
  • preocuparse de que… -> to make sure that…

preocupar [pray-o-coo-par’]
  • va -> Preoccupy (inquietar)
1. To prejudice (influir), to prepossess the mind.
  • Esto me preocupa muchísimo -> this worries me greatly
verb reflexive
2. To worry (inquietarse), to care; to concern (ocuparse).
  • No te preocupes por eso -> don't worry about that

(inquietar) to worry; (molestar) to bother
esto me preocupa muchísimo I'm extremely worried about this; this worries me very much; me preocupa cómo decírselo I'm worried about how to tell him; no le preocupa el qué dirán he's not bothered about what people may say
1 (inquietarse) to worry;de, por about
¡no se preocupe! (para calmar a algn) don't worry!; (para que algn no haga algo) don't bother!; no te preocupes por eso don't worry about that; no se preocupa en lo más mínimo he doesn't care in the least
2 (ocuparse) to concern o.s.;de about
tú preocúpate de que todo esté listo you see to it that everything is ready
3 (dar prioridad)
preocuparse de algo to give special attention to sth; give sth priority

Verb Conjugations for "preocupar" (go to to worry, to bother)


yo preocupo preocupé preocupaba preocuparía preocuparé
preocupas preocupaste preocupabas preocuparías preocuparás
él/ella/Ud. preocupa preocupó preocupaba preocuparía preocupará
nosotros preocupamos preocupamos preocupábamos preocuparíamos preocuparemos
vosotros preocupáis preocupasteis preocupabais preocuparíais preocuparéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. preocupan preocuparon preocupaban preocuparían preocuparán
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