"lavar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to wash (limpiar)
  • lavar a mano -> to hand-wash, to wash by hand
  • lavar y marcar -> shampoo and set
  • lavar en seco -> to dry-clean
  • lavarle el cerebro a alguien (figurative) -> to brainwash somebody
2. to clear (honor); to make up for (ofensa)
intransitive verb
3. to get things clean (detergente)
4. to do the washing (hacer la colada)
pronomial verb
1. to wash
  • espera un momento, que me estoy lavando -> hold on a minute, I'm washing o I'm getting washed
  • lavarse las manos/la cara -> to wash one's hands/face
  • lavarse los dientes -> to brush o clean one's teeth

lavar [lah-var’]
article & verb transitive
1. To wash, to cleanse by ablution, to rave, to launder.
2. To clear from an imputation or charge of guilt.
3. To white-wash a wall with lime or chalk.
  • Lavary marcar -> to shampoo and set
  • Lavar la cabeza -> to wash one's hair
verb reflexive
4. To wash, to have a wash.
  • Lavarse las manos -> to wash one's hands

1 (limpiar) to wash
lávale la cabeza a la niña wash the child's hair; lavar los platos to wash the dishes; do the washing up; lavar en seco to dry-clean; lavar y marcar to shampoo and set; tejanos lavados a la piedra stonewashed jeans; camisa de lava y pon drip-dry shirt
2 [+dinero] to launder
3 [+honor, ofensa, pecado] to wash away
4 (Minería) to wash
lavarse to wash; have a wash
tengo que lavarme antes de salir I need to wash o have a wash before going out; lavarse los dientes to clean one's teeth; me lavé las manos antes de comer I washed my hands before eating; el gobierno se lavó las manos ante este asunto the government washed their hands of the whole affair

Verb Conjugations for "lavar" (go to to wash)


yo lavo lavé lavaba lavaría lavaré
lavas lavaste lavabas lavarías lavarás
él/ella/Ud. lava lavó lavaba lavaría lavará
nosotros lavamos lavamos lavábamos lavaríamos lavaremos
vosotros laváis lavasteis lavabais lavaríais lavaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. lavan lavaron lavaban lavarían lavarán
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