"embarcar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to board (personas); to load (mercancías)
2. (involucrar)
  • embarcar a alguien en algo -> to involve somebody in something
intransitive verb
3. to board
  • por favor embarquen por la puerta C -> please board the plane at gate C o proceed through gate C
pronomial verb
1. to board (para viajar)
  • se embarcó en un mercante rumbo a Australia -> he boarded a merchant ship o he embarked on a merchant ship bound for Australia
2. (aventurarse)
  • embarcarse en algo -> to get oneself involved in something

embarcar [em-bar-car']
article & verb transitive
1. To embark, to ship, to put on shipboard.
2. To embark, to engage another in an affair or enterprise. (Metaphorical)
  • Embarcar a uno en una empresa -> to involve somebody in an enterprise
verb reflexive
3. To embark, to go on shipboard.
4. To embark, to engage in an affair. (Metaphorical)
  • Embarcarse en un asunto -> to get involved in a matter

1 (en barco) [+personas] to embark; put on board; [+carga] to ship; stow
2 (implicar)
embarcar a algn en una empresa to launch sb on an enterprise
3 (Latinoamérica)
embarcar a algn to set sb up (familiar)
4 (Caribe) (engañar) to con (familiar); trick
1 (en barco) to embark; go on board
embarcar para to sail for
2 (enrolarse) [+marinero] to sign on
3 (implicarse)
embarcarse en un asunto to get involved in a matter
4 (Latinoamérica) (en vehículo) to get on; get in

Verb Conjugations for "embarcar" (go to to embark; to board)


yo embarco embarqué embarcaba embarcaría embarcaré
embarcas embarcaste embarcabas embarcarías embarcarás
él/ella/Ud. embarca embarcó embarcaba embarcaría embarcará
nosotros embarcamos embarcamos embarcábamos embarcaríamos embarcaremos
vosotros embarcáis embarcasteis embarcabais embarcaríais embarcaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. embarcan embarcaron embarcaban embarcarían embarcarán
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