"chorrear" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

intransitive verb
1. to drip (gotear) (gota a gota); to trickle (en un hilo)
  • estar chorreando -> to be soaking o wringing wet (estar empapado)
2. to spurt o gush (out) (brotar)
transitive verb
3. to drip (sujeto: prenda); to drip with (sujeto: persona)

chorrear [chor-ray-ar']
article & verb transitive
1. To fall or drop front a spout, to outpour, to gush, to drip.
2. To come successively, or one by one. (Metaphorical)
3. To tick off (regañar).
4. To soak (mojar). (Andes)
verb neuter
5. To gush, to spout. (n)
  • Chorrear de sudor -> to run with sweat
  • La ropa chorrear todavía -> his clothes are still wringing wet
6. (Fit.) To trickle. (n)
  • Chorrean todavía las solicitudes -> the applications are still trickling in
verb reflexive
  • Chorrearse algo -> to pinch something

1 (salir a chorros) to gush (out); spout
la sangre le chorreaba por la frente blood was gushing (out) o spouting from his forehead; estar chorreando de sudor to be dripping with sweat
2 (gotear) to drip
la ropa chorrea todavía the clothes are still dripping water o wringing wet
3 [+dinero] to trickle in; come in in dribs and drabs
los regalos fueron chorreando poco a poco hasta que se acabaron el dinero chorreó hasta que murió la tía, luego tuvimos que trabajar
chorrean todavía las solicitudes applications are still trickling in o coming in in dribs and drabs
1 (Mil) (regañar) to tick off (familiar); dress down (familiar)
2 (verter) to pour
3 (S. Cone) (robar) to pinch (familiar)
4 (And) (mojar) to soak
chorrearse algo to pinch sth

Verb Conjugations for "chorrear" (go to to gush out, to drip)


yo chorreo chorreé chorreaba chorrearía chorrearé
chorreas chorreaste chorreabas chorrearías chorrearás
él/ella/Ud. chorrea chorreó chorreaba chorrearía chorreará
nosotros chorreamos chorreamos chorreábamos chorrearíamos chorrearemos
vosotros chorreáis chorreasteis chorreabais chorrearíais chorrearéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. chorrean chorrearon chorreaban chorrearían chorrearán
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