transitive verb
1. (to hit) 
Ese camión con exceso de velocidad casi la atropella.That speeding truck almost ran her over.
El conductor atropelló al policía que estaba parado en la calle.The driver knocked down the police officer standing in the street.
2. (to disrespect) 
No dejes que nadie atropelle tus derechos.Don't let anyone trample on your rights.
Los ricos tienen que dejar de atropellar a los pobres.The rich have to stop riding roughshod over the poor.
El dictador atropelló los derechos de los ciudadanos por 30 años.The dictator violated the rights of the citizens for 30 years.
pronominal verb
3. (to hasten) 
a. to rush 
Siempre que se emociona, se atropella al hablar.She always rushes when talking when she gets excited.
Se me atropellaban las palabras durante mi plática.I was tripping over my own words during my talk.
reciprocal verb
4. (to push with force) 
Cuando llegó la hora del descanso los niños empezaron a atropellarse para salir.When it was time for the break, the children started pushing and shoving to go out.
transitive verb
1. (sujeto: vehículo) 
a. to run over 
le atropelló un cochehe was knocked down o run over by a car
2. (también fig) 
a. to trample on 
pronominal verb
3. (al hablar) 
a. to trip over one's words 
transitive verb
1 (arrollar) to knock down; run over
la atropelló un taxi she was knocked down o run over by a taxi; una multitud de gente me atropelló mientras paseaba a crowd of people barged into me as I was out walking
2 (humillar)
no te dejes atropellar por nadie don't let anyone walk (all) over you
3 (infringir) [+derecho, constitución, estatuto] to sweep aside; ride roughshod over
intransitive verb
(empujar) to push
oye, por favor, no atropelles hey, stop pushing (and shoving), please
pronominal verb
1 (empujarse)
entraron de uno en uno sin atropellarse they went in one by one without pushing and shoving
2 (precipitarse) to rush
el actor se atropelló al recitar the actor gabbled his recitation; no te atropelles y hazlo con tranquilidad don't rush, take your time
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