"arrojar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to throw (lanzar); to hurl, to fling (con violencia)
2. to send out (despedir) (humo); to give off (olor); to spew out (lava)
  • arrojar luz sobre algo (figurative) -> to throw light on something
3. (echar)
  • arrojar a alguien de -> to throw somebody out of
4. (resultado)
  • las cuentas arrojaban un déficit de 5.000 millones -> the accounts showed a deficit of five billion
  • el resultado arroja dudas sobre la popularidad del gobierno -> the result casts doubt on the government's popularity
5. to throw up (vomitar)
pronomial verb
1. to hurl oneself
  • arrojarse en los brazos de alguien -> to fling o throw oneself at somebody
  • se arrojaron al río -> they threw themselves o jumped into the river

arrojar [ar-ro-har’]
article & verb transitive
1. To dart, to launch, or to fling something, to hurl, to jerk, to dash, to belch out (lava), to drop (bombas), to give out (rayos).
  • Arrojar una piedra -> to throw a stone
  • El volcán está arrojando lava -> the volcano is belching out lava
  • Arrojar rayos -> to give off rays
2. To shed a fragrance, to emit light.
  • Este estudio arroja alguna luz sobre el tema -> this study throws some light on the subject
3. To shoot, to sprout, to grow up (plantas).
4. To drive or cast on rocks or shoals (viento). (Nautical)
5. To make red hot, as an oven.
6. To turn away or dismiss in an angry manner.
verb reflexive
7. To launch, to throw oneself forward with impetuosity.
  • Arrojarse al agua -> to jump into the water
8. To venture upon an enterprise in an inconsiderate manner. (Metaphorical)

1 (lanzar) to throw; (con fuerza) to hurl
la niña arrojaba piedras al río the girl was throwing stones into the river; los hinchas arrojaron piedras contra la policía the fans threw o hurled stones at the police; arroja el papel al cubo de la basura throw the paper into the wastepaper basket
me arrojaron vestido al agua
no arrojar basura no tipping
2 [+humo, lava] to send out
3 [+resultados, datos] to produce
la investigación ha arrojado datos muy negativos the investigation has produced some very negative data; la transacción arrojó un balance positivo the transaction yielded a profit; este estudio arroja (alguna) luz sobre el tema this study sheds some light on the subject; el accidente arrojó 80 muertos (Latinoamérica) the accident left 80 dead
4 (expulsar) to throw out
lo arrojó de casa por su comportamiento she threw him out of the house because of his behaviour
5 (Latinoamérica) (vomitar) to bring up; vomit
arrojarse (lanzarse) to throw o.s.; (con fuerza) hurl o.s.
se arrojó a mis brazos y lloró he threw o flung himself into my arms and wept; el ladrón se arrojó desde el quinto piso the thief threw o hurled himself from the fifth floor; el asesino se arrojó sobre su víctima the killer threw o hurled himself on his victim
nos arrojamos a la piscina

Verb Conjugations for "arrojar" (go to to throw)


yo arrojo arrojé arrojaba arrojaría arrojaré
arrojas arrojaste arrojabas arrojarías arrojarás
él/ella/Ud. arroja arrojó arrojaba arrojaría arrojará
nosotros arrojamos arrojamos arrojábamos arrojaríamos arrojaremos
vosotros arrojáis arrojasteis arrojabais arrojaríais arrojaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. arrojan arrojaron arrojaban arrojarían arrojarán
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