transitive verb
1. (to smash) 
a. to crush 
Me da mucho asco aplastar las cucarachas con el pie.I find it very disgusting to crush cockroaches by trampling them.
b. to squash 
Se sentó encima de la caja sin querer y la aplastó.He accidentally sat down on the box and squashed it.
2. (to defeat) 
a. to crush 
El equipo venezolano aplastó al francés en el partido del sábado.The Venezuelan team crushed the French team in Saturday's match.
b. to quash 
La policía aplastó las protestas contra la nueva ley.The police quashed the protests against the new law.
La oposición aplastó sus débiles argumentos con datos reales.The opposition overwhelmed his weak arguments with real data.
pronominal verb
3. (to become squashed) 
No pongas las latas encima de las donas, que se aplastan.Don't put the cans on top of the donuts or they'll get squashed.
4. (against something flat) 
Al oír las balas me aplasté contra el suelo.I flattened myself against the ground when I heard the bullets.
5. (on a seat) (Central America) (Colombia) (Ecuador) (Mexico) 
a. to flop 
Llegó a casa y se aplastó en el sofá.He came home and flopped down on the sofa.
6. (to get tired) (Southern Cone) 
Me aplasté de tanto correr.I tired myself out from all the running.
Aplastarme en el gimnasio me ayuda a relajarme.Wearing myself out in the gym helps me to relax.
transitive verb
1. (por el peso) 
a. to squash, to crush 
2. (fig) 
a. to crush 
transitive verb
1 [+insecto etc] to squash; crush
2 (vencer) to crush; overwhelm; (con argumentos) to floor;
pronominal verb
1 (quedarse plano) to be squashed; [+coche] to crash; smash;contra on, against;
2 (espachurrarse) to flatten o.s.
se aplastó contra la pared he flattened himself against the wall
3 (S. Cone) (desanimarse) to get discouraged; lose heart; (atemorizarse) to get scared; take fright; (agotarse) to wear o.s. out; tire o.s. out
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