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transitive verb
1. to feed (dar comida)
  • tengo cinco hijos que alimentar I've got five kids to feed
2. to feed (dar energía, material)
  • la lectura alimenta el espíritu reading improves your mind
3. to fuel (motor, vehículo)
intransitive verb
4. to be nourishing
  • los garbanzos alimentan mucho chickpeas are very nutritious
pronominal verb
  • alimentarse de to live on
transitive verb
1 (dar de comer a) to feed
alimentan el ganado con piensos they feed the cattle with animal fodder; tengo una familia que alimentar I've got a family to feed
2 (nutrir) to be nutritious o nourishing
la comida rápida no te alimenta nada fast food is not at all nutritious o nourishing
3 [+imaginación] to fire; fuel; [+esperanzas, pasiones] to feed; fuel; [+sentimiento, idea] to foster
ese tipo de comentario alimenta el rencor that sort of remark fosters resentment; sus historias alimentaron mi deseo de ir a Perú her stories strengthened o fuelled my desire to go to Peru
4 [+hoguera, horno doméstico, fuego] to feed; add fuel to; [+horno industrial] to stoke
el operario alimenta la máquina de o con combustible the operator feeds fuel into the machine
5 (Electricidad y Eléctronica) to supply
intransitive verb
to be nutritious; be nourishing
esta comida no alimenta nada this food is not at all nutritious o nourishing
huele que alimenta it smells delicious
pronominal verb
1 [+animal] to feed
se alimentan de carroña they feed on carrion
2 [+persona]
en este país se alimentan fatal people eat very poorly in this country; se alimenta solo de productos naturales she eats only natural foods; durante el naufragio se alimentaron solo de fruta while shipwrecked they lived o survived on fruit
3 (Mecánica)
el motor se alimenta de gasoil the engine runs on diesel
Verb Conjugations for alimentar
Gerund: alimentando
Participle: alimentado
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