transitive verb
1. (to move down) 
a. to lower 
Agacha la cabeza para no dar un golpe al entrar por esa puerta.Lower your head so you don't knock it when you go through that door.
b. to bend 
Cristian agachó la cabeza avergonzado cuando la maestra le regañó.Cristian bent his head in shame when the teacher scolded him.
c. to bow 
Magdalena agachó la cabeza en deferencia a la líder del equipo.Magdalena bowed her head in deference to the team leader.
d. to hang 
Óscar agachó la cabeza por un momento y luego volteó a ver a Clara llorando.Oscar hung his head for a moment and then turned to see Clara crying.
e. to duck 
Nicole agachó la cabeza para que no le pegara la pelota.Nicole ducked her head so the ball wouldn't hit her.
pronominal verb
2. (to lower oneself) 
Los soldados se agacharon detrás de los arbustos.The soldiers crouched down behind the bushes.
Me agaché para atar los cordones del zapato.I bent down to tie my shoelaces.
c. to duck 
Mi primo tiró un plato de crema batida a mi hermana, pero ella se agachó y le dio a mi abuela.My cousin threw a plate of whipped cream at my sister, but she ducked and it hit my grandma.
3. (figurative) (to give in) 
a. to submit 
Con la administración anterior, te tenías que agachar o sufrir regaños continuos.In the previous administration, you had to submit, or be constantly reprimanded.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to lower 
agachar la cabezato bow one's head
agacha la cabeza, que no me dejas vermove your head down a bit, I can't see
pronominal verb
2. (en cuclillas) 
a. to crouch down 
3. (inclinarse) 
a. to bend down 
nos agachamos al empezar el tiroteowe ducked down when the shooting began
transitive verb
[+cabeza] to bend; bow
agachar las orejas to hang one's head
pronominal verb
1 (agazaparse) to stoop; bend down; bend over; (acuclillarse) to squat; (bajar la cabeza) to duck; (encogerse) to cower
2 (esconderse) to go into hiding; lie low
3 (Latinoamérica) (ceder) to give in; submit
4 (México) (callarse)
agacharse algo to keep sth under one's hat
agacharse con algo (And) (México) (robar) to make off with sth; pocket sth
6 (Latinoamérica) (prepararse) to get ready
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