transitive verb
1. (military) 
Las tropas sitiaron la ciudad, pero una epidemia las obligó a retirarse.The troops besieged the city, but an epidemic forced them to withdraw.
Tito y sus hombres sitiaron Jerusalén.Titus and his men laid siege to Jerusalem.
2. (to trap) 
a. to corner 
Dos policías persiguieron y sitiaron al sospechoso, y finalmente lo atraparon.Two policemen chased and cornered the suspect, and finally caught him.
b. to hem in 
El señor Smith estaba sitiado por acreedores y abogados, y decidió escapar.Mr. Smith was hemmed in by creditors and lawyers, and decided to escape.
Un escuadrón de elite sitió al secuestrador, que finalmente se entregó.An elite squad surrounded the kidnapper, who finally turned himself in.
transitive verb
1. (cercar) 
a. to besiege 
2. (acorralar) 
a. to surround 
transitive verb
1 (asediar) to besiege; lay siege to
2 (acorralar) to corner; hem in
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