1. (stream) () 
a. el arroyo (M) 
burn [bɜːn] burned burnt
1 (Med) quemadura (f)
2 (Space) [of rocket] fuego (m)
transitive verb
1 (gen) quemar; [+house, building] incendiar; [+corpse] incinerar; [+mouth, tongue] quemar; escaldar
to burn a house to the ground incendiar y arrasar una casa; to burn a hole in sth hacer un agujero en algo quemándolo; to burn sth to ashes reducir algo a cenizas; to be burned alive ser quemado vivo; to be burnt to death morir abrasado; to burn one's finger/hand quemarse el dedo/la mano; I've burnt myself! ¡me he quemado!; ¡me quemé!; (LAm) I burnt the toast se me ha quemado la tostada
to get burned They always took chances and got burned very badly in past years
to burn one's boats or bridges quemar las naves
to burn the candle at both ends hacer de la noche día
to burn one's fingers
get one's fingers burned
pillarse los dedos
money burns a hole in his pocket el dinero le quema las manos
After a while Andrew's cheque book began to burn a hole in his pocket. He decided to sell his boat and buy a larger one for use in the Med
2 [+sun] [+person, skin] tostar; [+plants] abrasar
with a face burned by the sun con la cara tostada al sol
3 [+fuel] consumir; usar
4 [+CD, DVD] tostar
intransitive verb
1 [+fire, building etc] arder; quemarse; (catch fire) incendiarse
to burn to death morir abrasado
2 [+skin] (in sun) quemarse; tostarse
3 [+meat, pastry etc] quemarse
4 [+light, gas] estar encendido
to burn with anger/passion etc arder de rabia/pasión etc; to burn with desire for desear ardientemente; to burn with impatience consumirse de impaciencia; to burn to do sth desear ardientemente hacer algo
burn [bɜːn]
(Scot) arroyo (m); riachuelo (m)
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Gerund: quemando
Participle: quemado
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