1. (clothing) 
For formal events, he usually wears a suit and tie.Para eventos formales, normalmente lleva traje y corbata.
2. (fastening) 
a. el lazo (M) 
She was unable to fasten the ties on the back of her dress.No podía atar los lazos de la parte de atrás de su vestido.
b. el cierre (M) (for plastic bag) 
The pack of 100 bags comes with plastic ties.El paquete de 100 bolsas viene con cierres de plástico.
3. (link) 
We want to create closer ties between our countries.Queremos crear vínculos más estrechos entre nuestros países.
4. (encumbrance) 
She has family ties in Spain.Tiene ataduras familiares en España.
5. (sports) 
a. el empate (M) 
The soccer game ended in a tie, 1-1.El partido de fútbol terminó en empate a uno.
6. (on railroad) (United States) 
The company has to replace all the defective ties.La compañía debe reemplazar todas las traviesas defectuosas.
transitive verb
7. (to fasten) 
a. atar 
I learned to tie my shoes when I was six years old.Aprendí a atarme los zapatos cuando tenía seis años de edad.
b. hacer (a knot) 
She tied a knot in the rope in the hope that it would hold.Hizo un nudo en la cuerda con la esperanza de que aguantara.
8. (to link) 
a. vincular 
The production cost is tied to the availability of raw materials.El costo de producción está vinculado a la disponibilidad de las materias primas.
9. (to encumber) 
a. atar 
When the kids were young I felt tied to the home.Cuando los niños eran pequeños, me sentía atada a la casa.
10. (sports) 
a. empatar 
He scored with three seconds remaining to tie the game.Marcó a falta de tres segundos y empató el partido.
intransitive verb
11. (sports) 
a. empatar 
If they tie, there will have to be a playoff.Si empatan, tendrán que jugar un partido de desempate.
12. (to be fastened) 
a. atarse 
The blouse ties at the back.La blusa se ata por detrás.
1. (link) 
a. el lazo m, vínculo (M) 
2. (item of clothing) 
a. la corbata (F) 
3. (sport) 
a. el empate (M) (draw) 
4. (match) 
a. el eliminatoria f, partido de clasificación (M) 
5. (railroad) (United States) 
a. la traviesa (F) 
transitive verb
6. (shoelace, piece of string) 
a. atar 
to tie something to somethingatar algo a algo
to tie a knotatar or hacer un nudo
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to have one's hands tiedtener las manos atadas
8. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
he was tied to his deskestaba atado a su trabajo
9. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she felt tied by a sense of dutyse sentía obligada por sentido del deber
intransitive verb
10. (in race, contest) 
a. empatar 
tie [taɪ]
1 (necktie) corbata (f)
I didn't know a shirt and tie was required for dinner suit and tie Jason took off his jacket and loosened his tie old [school] tie he has all the right connections in a profession where the old school tie is all-important of course, the old school tie has been a help in my career
old: old school tie black-tie: black-tie occasion, black-tie dinner
2 (fastening) (for plastic bags) atadura (f); (on garment) lazo (m)
ties for fastening the top of dustbin liners plastic bag ties
3 (bond) lazo (m); vínculo (m)
the ties of friendship los lazos or vínculos de la amistad; the ties that bind us los lazos que nos unen
he wants to maintain close ties with the US quiere mantener unos vínculos or lazos estrechos con Estados Unidos
they want to loosen their ties with Britain I can't find any tie between her and the town Russia has strong cultural ties with the Serbs the magical tie between mother and child
diplomatic ties relaciones (f) diplomáticas
family ties lazos (m) familiares
the ties of blood
4 (hindrance, obligation) atadura (f)
pets are as much of a tie as children las mascotas te atan tanto como los niños; las mascotas son una atadura tan grande como los niños; I have no ties here no tengo nada que me retenga aquí or que me impida irme de aquí
the children are a tie in the evenings she finds the children a great tie he has no family ties
I can't go because of family ties no puedo ir debido a obligaciones familiares
we are only our true selves when we are freed from work and family ties I never go out in the evening, I've got too many ties
5 especially (Dep) (draw) empate (m)
the match ended in a tie el partido terminó en empate or con (un) empate
it ended in a tie at 3-all there was a tie in the voting
6 (Britain) (Dep) (also cup tie) partido (m) (de copa); eliminatoria (f) (de copa)
it was an important tie for us to win Peterborough haven't played their third round tie yet Liverpool were knocked out in last Saturday's (cup) tie
7 (Archit) (support) tirante (m)
that wall is going to need ties to make sure it is supported at the corners
8 (Mús) ligadura (f)
9 (US) (Ferro) traviesa (f)
transitive verb
1 (fasten) [+one's shoelaces] atarse; amarrarse; (LAm) [+sb's shoelaces] atar; amarrar; (LAm) [+one's necktie] hacerse el nudo de; [+sb's necktie] hacer el nudo de; [+parcel] atar; amarrar; (LAm)
don't forget to tie your shoelaces she pulled on her shoes and tied the laces the parcel was tied with thick cord the box was tied with a red ribbon roll the meat and tie it with string don't tie the bandage too tightly] to tie [tight(ly)] to tie sth [(a)round] sth
she tied a ribbon around the kitten's neck ató un lazo al cuello del gatito
he tied the rope around his waist se ató la cuerda a la cintura
he tied the rope (a)round a rock he tied an apron (a)round his waist he tied a bandage (a)round my head
her hands were tied behind her back tenía las manos atadas a la espalda
when she came round, her hands were tied behind her back
to tie sth in a bow hacer un lazo con algo
she tied the silk scarf into an ingeniously elegant bow her hair was tied in a bow a tall woman with long auburn hair tied in a bow he tied a small bow in the ribbon straps are thin and tied in bows on the shoulder
to tie a knot in sth hacer un nudo en or con algo
he tied a slip knot he took a short length of rope and swiftly tied a slip knot she tied a knot in a cherry stem she tied her hair in a loose knot she grabbed her hair in both hands and swept it back, tying it in a loose knot she wore a checked shirt, tied in a knot above the navel she tied her scarf [over] her head a posy of flowers tied together with bows to tie sth/sb [to] sth
he tied the dog to a lamppost ató el perro a una farola
to tie a dog to a post he tied her [to] a tree she tied him to a chair we are going to tie this letter to a brick and throw it over the railings the dog had been tied to a lamppost
he tied the ends of the cord together ató los extremos de la cuerda
he tied her hands together le ató las manos
he tied the ends of the plastic bag together ató amarró los extremos de la bolsa de plástico his hands are tied, he has his hands tied
we'd like to help, but our hands are tied nos gustaría ayudar pero tenemos atadas las manos
The county council admits that its hands are tied inspectors who have their hands tied to be tied hand and foot to tie the knot to tie o.s. (up) in knots baffled foreigners have tied themselves in knots trying to translate Squidgy he has tied himself in knots on the abortion issue to tie sb (up) in knots he could tie her in knots in an argument
2 (link) relacionar;to con
rates are tied to property values las contribuciones urbanas están relacionadas con el valor or van ligadas al valor del inmueble
their cancers are not so clearly tied to radiation exposure his social and business lives are closely tied
3 (restrict) atar
I'm tied to the house/my desk all day me paso todo el día atada a la casa/la mesa de trabajo; are we tied to this plan? ¿estamos atados or restringidos a este plan?; she didn't want to be tied to a long-term contract no quería atarse a un contrato a largo plazo
we're not tied to any particular itinerary the actress didn't want to be tied to a long-running series they have children and are tied to the school holidays I wouldn't like to be tied to catching the last train home the house is tied to her husband's job
4 (Dep) [+game, match] empatar
he ruined his team's last chance to tie the game \he missed a late chance to tie the game\ when his shot drifted wide
intransitive verb
1 (fasten) atarse
the overall ties at the back el delantal se ata a la espalda
shorts which tie at the hip long or short \wraps which tie at the waist or hips\, and are worn over bikinis or swimsuits
2 (draw) (in match, competition, election) empatar
we tied with them 4 all they tied at 2 goals each both teams had tied on points and goal difference two actresses tied for the Best Actress award the last time two books tied for the prize was in 1974 he tied for first place with Andy Cook she tied for sixth place with Zoë Simms
tie clip tie clasp (n) pinza (f) de corbata
tie rack (n) corbatero (m)
his tie rack must look like a Jackson Pollock exhibition
tie tack (n) (US)
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