transitive verb
1. (to condition) 
Los individuos deben supeditar sus necesidades a las del grupo.Individuals must subordinate their needs to that of the group.
pronominal verb
2. (to be subject to; used with "a") 
a. to submit 
Someteremos el asunto a votación y nos supeditaremos al resultado.We'll subject the matter to voting and submit to the results.
Si nos supeditamos a los pedidos de nuestros rivales, pensarán que somos débiles.If we give in to our rivals' demands, they will think we're weak.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to subordinate 
estar supeditado ato be dependent on
pronominal verb
2. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
supeditarse ato submit to
transitive verb
1 (subordinar) to subordinate;a to
tendrá que ser supeditado a lo que decidan ellos it will depend o be dependent on what they decide
2 (sojuzgar) to subdue
3 (oprimir) to oppress; crush
pronominal verb
supeditarse a (subordinarse) to be subject to; (ceder) to give in to; no voy a supeditarme a sus caprichos I am not going to give in to her whims
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