pronominal verb
1. (to blind mentally) 
Me sugestioné con la idea de que no aprobaría el examen y por eso suspendí.I became obsessed with the idea that I would not pass the exam and so I failed.
transitive verb
2. (to influence) 
a. to get to 
Los cuentos de enfermedades lo influyen y después empieza a tener todo tipo de síntomas.Stories of illnesses get to him, and then he starts feeling any kind of symptoms himself.
b. to affect 
La película de terror me sugestionó por completo y no pude pegar un ojo.The horror movie really affected me, and I couldn't sleep at all!
Carlos es fácil de sugestionar en lo que se refiere a la salud porque es hipocondríaco.It's easy to mess with Carlos's mind when it comes to health because he is a hypochondriac.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. to influence 
pronominal verb
2. (obsesionarse) 
a. to become obsessed 
3. (psychology) 
a. to use autosuggestion 
transitive verb
to influence
es probable que se haya dejado sugestionar por ... he may have allowed himself to be influenced by ...; sugestionar a algn para que haga algo to influence sb to do sth
pronominal verb
sugestionarse to indulge in auto-suggestion
sugestionarse con algo to talk o.s. into sth
te lo has sugestionado
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