Usage note
This word may also be spelled “zocar.”
pronominal verb
1. (colloquial) (to get inebriated) 
Este sábado vamos a salir y socarnos.On Saturday, we're going to go out and get blind drunk.
transitive verb
2. (to press) (Central America) 
La venda le socaba tanto el brazo que casi le cortaba la circulación.The bandage squeezed her arm so tightly that it was nearly cutting off her blood circulation.
intransitive verb
3. (to struggle) (Central America) 
a. to make a big effort (Central America) 
Tuvimos que socar para ganar el partido, pero lo logramos.We had to make a big effort to win the match, but we managed it.
socar (Centroamérica)
transitive verb
1 (comprimir) to press down; squeeze; compress
2 (enojar) to annoy; upset
intransitive verb
to make an effort
pronominal verb
1 (emborracharse) to get drunk
socarse con algn to fall out o squabble with sb
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