transitive verb
1. (to renounce) 
Tener un hijo implica sacrificar la rumba en los fines de semana.Having a baby means sacrificing partying on the weekends.
Sacrifiqué salir con mis amigos durante meses para aprobar las oposiciones.I gave up going out with my friends for months in order to pass the public examinations.
2. (religious) 
En muchas culturas, sacrificar a humanos era una parte importante de los rituales religiosos.In many cultures, sacrificing humans was an important part of religious rituals.
3. (to kill for consumption) 
Me hice vegetariana al enterarme de la cantidad de animales que sacrifican.I became a vegetarian after finding out how many animals were slaughtered.
4. (to euthanize) 
El veterinario sacrificó a nuestro perro porque estaba agonizando.The vet put our dog to sleep because it was in agony.
Decidimos sacrificar a la gata porque su enfermedad no tenía cura.We decided to put our cat down because her illness wasn't curable.
pronominal verb
5. (to deny oneself) 
Me he sacrificado y no he comido dulces porque quiero adelgazar.I have deprived myself of eating candy because I want to lose weight.
6. (religious) 
Si quieres ser cura tendrás que sacrificarte por Dios.If you want to be a priest you will have to make sacrifices for God.
transitive verb
1. (renunciar a) 
a. to sacrifice, to give up 
2. (matar; para consumo) 
a. to slaughter 
3. (por enfermedad) 
a. to put down 
4. (a los dioses) 
a. to sacrifice 
pronominal verb
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
sacrificarse (para hacer algo)to make sacrifices (in order to do something)
sacrificarse por alguiento make sacrifices for somebody
transitive verb
1 (Religión) to sacrifice;a to
2 (matar) [+ganado] to slaughter; [+animal doméstico] to put to sleep
pronominal verb
sacrificarse to sacrifice o.s.
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