A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
pronominal verb
1. (to angle)
a. to lean
El jugador se inclinó para alcanzar la pelota.The player leaned to get the ball.
b. to bend
Alicia se inclinó de dolor.Alicia bent in pain.
c. to bow
Los presentes se inclinaron ante el rey.The people present bowed before the king.
2. (to be disposed; used with "a")
a. to be inclined
Siempre me inclino a pensar que las cosas van a mejorar.I'm always inclined to think that things will get better.
b. to tend
Nos inclinamos a darle el beneficio de la duda a los que solicitan indemnización.We tend to give people who claim compensation the benefit of the doubt.
3. (to slant)
a. to lean
La valla se inclinó por la fuerza del viento.The fence leaned under the force of the wind.
4. (to prefer; used with "por")
a. to favor
Regionalism used in the United States
(United States)
Siempre me he inclinado por la música clásica.I've always favored classical music.
b. to favour (United Kingdom)
Los jueces del concurso se inclinaron por nosotros.The judges at the contest favoured us.
c. to lean
Los estudiantes se inclinan por el candidato de izquierda.Students are leaning toward the leftist candidate.
d. to incline
Nos inclinamos más por la vida urbana que por vivir en el campo.We're more inclined toward city life than living in the country.
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
5. (to slant)
a. to tilt
Puedes inclinar el asiento para estar más cómodo.You can tilt the seat to be more comfortable.
b. to lean
Inclina la escalera un poco más antes de subir.Lean the ladder a bit more before going up.
6. (to angle)
a. to bend
La gimnasta inclinó su cuerpo hacia adelante.The gymnast bent her body forward.
b. to bow
Ayako se presentó y luego inclinó su cuerpo.Ayako introduced herself and then bowed her body.
7. (to convince)
a. to persuade
Incliné a Juan a participar en el concurso.I persuaded Juan to participate in the contest.
b. to incline
Sus argumentos me inclinaron a votar por ella.I am inclined to vote for her after hearing her arguments.
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A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (doblar)
a. to bend
2. (cabeza)
a. to bow
3. (ladear)
a. to tilt
4. (fig)
inclinar la balanza a favor deto tip the balance in favor of
5. (influir)
inclinar a alguien a hacer algoto persuade somebody to do something
A pronominal verb always uses a reflexive pronoun. (e.g. Te ves cansado.).
pronominal verb
6. (doblarse)
a. to lean
la grúa se está inclinando peligrosamentethe crane is leaning o tilting dangerously
inclínate hacia adelantelean forward
7. (fig)
la balanza se inclinó a nuestro favorthe balance tipped in our favor
8. (para saludar)
a. to bow
9. (tender)
a. to be o feel inclined
me inclino a pensar que noI'm rather inclined to think not
10. (preferir)
inclinarse porto favor, to lean toward
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transitive verb
1 (ladear) [+objeto vertical] to tilt; lean
el peso de los abrigos inclinó el perchero the hatstand was tilting o leaning under the weight of the coats; inclinó el plato para acabarse la sopa he tilted his plate to finish off his soup; inclinó el respaldo del asiento he reclined his seat; inclina el cuadro hacia la derecha slope o tilt the picture to the right
2 [+cabeza] to lean
inclinó la cabeza para olerle el cabello she leant her head forward to smell his hair; para afirmar inclinó la cabeza he nodded (his) agreement; inclinaron la cabeza ante el altar they bowed their heads before the altar
3 (resolver) [+balanza] to tip
los indecisos inclinaron la balanza hacia la izquierda the floating voters tipped the balance in favour of the left; este gol inclinó el marcador a su favor this goal tipped the balance in their favour
4 (predisponer) to incline
la crisis inclina a los consumidores hacia el ahorro the recession inclines consumers to save their money
5 (decidir)
eso la inclinó a pensar que yo era el culpable that led her to think that I was guilty; el informe lo inclinó a cambiar de estrategia the report swayed him in favour of changing his strategy
pronominal verb
1 [+objeto vertical] to lean; tilt
2 (encorvarse) to stoop; bend
Balbino se inclinó sobre el muro Balbino leant over the wall; Amelia se inclinó hacia delante para coger el bolso Amelia leant forward to pick up the bag; me incliné hacia atrás para ponerme cómodo I leant back to make myself comfortable; nos inclinamos ante el rey we bowed to the king
3 (tender)
me inclino a favor de la moneda única I'm inclined to be in favour of the single currency; me inclino a pensar que no es verdad I am inclined to o I tend to think that it's not true; entre los dos, me inclino por el segundo of the two, I'm inclined to go for the second o I tend to prefer the second
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