The combination of "get" with an adjective is often translated into Spanish as a pronominal verb. For example: "to get bored" ("aburrirse"), "to get tired" ("cansarse"), "to get married" ("casarse").
A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. I bought a book.).
transitive verb
1. (to obtain)
a. conseguir
Only a fraction of students can get a place at the university.Solo una parte de los estudiantes conseguirá una plaza en la universidad.
b. obtener
You can get more information on our webpage.Puedes obtener más información en nuestra página web.
2. (to purchase)
a. comprar
Don't forget to get milk when you go to the grocery store.No olvides de comprar leche cuando vayas al supermercado.
3. (to receive)
a. recibir
I didn't get any notification that my package arrived.No recibí ninguna notificación de que había llegado mi paquete.
4. (to fetch)
a. traer
Get me a glass of water, please.Tráeme un vaso de agua, por favor.
5. (to possess; used with "have")
a. tener
She collects antique cars and has got three of them.Ella colecciona carros antiguos y tiene tres.
6. (to understand)
a. entender
I didn't get a word of it.No entendí ni una palabra.
7. (to cause to do)
a. conseguir que
She got me to stop drinking.Consiguió que dejara de beber.
8. (to annoy)
a. molestar
Stupidity really gets me.La estupidez me molesta de verdad.
9. (must; used with "have")
a. tener que
I have got to clean the house today.Hoy tengo que limpiar la casa.
10. (to call)
a. llamar
Quick, get an ambulance!¡Rápido, llame una ambulancia!
11. (to be sentenced to)
a. echar
He got five years for insider trading.Le echaron cinco años por tráfico de información privilegiada.
12. (with inmaterial things)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
I got such a fright that I wasn't able to get much sleep!¡Me pegué tal susto que no pude dormir mucho!
I think he got the wrong idea.Creo que se llevó la idea equivocada.
13. (to be paid)
a. conseguir
How much did you get for the camera?¿Cuánto has conseguido por la cámara?
b. cobrar
I get $80 per hour.Cobro $80 por hora.
14. (to suffer)
a. tener
She gets constant headaches.Tiene dolores de cabeza continuos.
15. (to have something done for you)
a. llevar a
I have to get my watch repaired.Tengo que llevar el reloj a arreglar.
b. ir a
Where do you get your hair cut?¿Dónde vas a cortarte el pelo?
16. (to score)
a. sacar
He got straight As.Sacó sobresaliente en todas las asignaturas.
17. (to fall ill with)
a. pillar
I've got a terrible cold.Pillé un resfriado terrible.
18. (to answer)
a. contestar (telephone)
Can you get the phone, please?¿Puede contestar el teléfono, por favor?
b. abrir (door)
I'll get the door.Ya abro yo.
19. (to hit)
a. dar
The bullet got him in the hand.La bala le dio en la mano.
20. (to grab transportation)
a. tomar
It's not far, but let's get a taxi anyway.No está lejos, pero tomemos un taxi de todas formas.
b. coger
Regionalism used in Spain
Where can we get a bus?¿Dónde podemos coger un autobús?
21. (to grab)
a. agarrar
I got the dog by the scruff of the neck.Agarré el perro por el pescuezo.
b. coger
Regionalism used in Spain
I managed to get him before he fell.Conseguí cogerlo antes de que se cayera.
An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The man sneezed.).
intransitive verb
22. (to have the opportunity)
a. tener la oportunidad
My mother was very intelligent, but she didn't get to go to university.Mi madre era muy inteligente, pero no tuvo la oportunidad de ir a la universidad.
23. (to arrive)
a. llegar
When are we getting to the airport?¿Cuándo vamos a llegar al aeropuerto?
24. (to become)
This refers to an idiomatic word or phrase for which there is no word-for-word translation.
no direct translation
Don't get mad at me.No te enfades conmigo.
We should start thinking about dinner. It's getting very late.Deberíamos empezar a pensar en la cena. Se está haciendo muy tarde.
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(pt & pp got [gɒt], pp gotten [ˈgɒtən])
En las expresiones que aparecen bajo 12. y 13., get suele ser opcional. Cuando se omite get, have no se contrae. Para los casos en que se puede omitir, véase have.
transitive verb
1. conseguir (obtain) (Estados Unidos) ; comprar (buy)
  • could you get me some crisps from the shop? ¿me traes unas patatas fritas de la tienda?
  • I can get you a new video for just £30 te puedo conseguir un vídeo nuevo por sólo 30 libras
  • to get a job encontrar trabajo
  • to get the right/wrong answer dar la respuesta correcta/equivocada
2. recibir (receive) (present, reply, shock)
  • we can't get BBC2 here aquí no recibimos or no llega la BBC2
  • I got the idea from a book saqué la idea de un libro
  • to get £18,000 a year ganar 18.000 libras anuales
  • we don't get many visitors here no viene mucha gente por aquí
3. coger (catch) (person, disease) (español de España) ; agarrar (Am); tomar (train, bus) , coger (español de España), agarrar (Am)
  • I'll get you for that! (familiar) ¡me las pagarás!
4. (fetch)
  • to get something for somebody traerle algo a alguien
  • get me the hammer tráeme el martillo
  • go and get a doctor ve a buscar a un médico
5. (familiar) (annoy)
  • what gets me is that… lo que me saca de quicio es que…
6. (familiar) (understand)
  • now I get you! ¡ahora te entiendo!
  • I don't get your meaning no entiendo or cojo lo que quieres decir (español de España)
  • to get a joke pescar or coger or (español de España) cachar un chiste (Am)
7. (send)
  • to get something to somebody mandar or enviar algo a alguien
  • I got a message to them les mandé or envié un mensaje
8. (cause to be in a certain state)
  • to get something dry/wet secar/mojar algo
  • to get something dirty ensuciar algo
  • she got her work finished terminó su trabajo
  • to get something fixed arreglar algo
  • you've got him worried lo has dejado preocupado
  • to get the children to bed acostar a los niños
9. (cause to do)
  • she got me to help her me pidió que la ayudara
  • why don't you get your mother to do it? ¿por qué no le pides a tu madre que lo haga ella?
  • I finally got my mother to do it por fin conseguí que lo hiciera mi madre
  • you can get them to wrap it for you puedes pedir que te lo envuelvan
  • I can't get the car to start no consigo que arranque el coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
10. (do gradually)
  • to get to know somebody llegar a conocer a alguien
  • you'll get to like him te llegará a gustar
  • she soon got to thinking that… pronto empezó a pensar que…
11. (have opportunity)
  • to get to do something llegar a or tener la ocasión de hacer algo
  • you get to travel a lot in this job en este trabajo se viaja mucho
  • I finally got to see her por fin pude or conseguí verla
12. [possess] [with have]
  • they've got a big house tienen una casa grande
  • she hasn't got a car no tiene coche or carro or (Am) auto (CSur)
  • she's got measles/AIDS tiene (el) sarampión/sida
  • we've got a choice tenemos una alternativa
  • I've got something to do tengo algo que hacer
  • what's that got to do with it? ¿qué tiene eso que ver?
13. [must] [with have]
  • I've got to go me tengo que ir
  • have you got to work? ¿tienes que trabajar?
  • it's got to be done hay que hacerlo
intransitive verb
14. llegar (arrive)
  • to get home llegar a casa
  • how do you get there? ¿cómo se llega?
  • he got as far as Chapter Five llegó hasta el quinto capítulo
15. (move)
  • to get in the way ponerse en medio
  • to get in the way of somebody, to get in somebody's way ponerse delante de alguien
  • she got over the wall sorteó or pasó el muro
16. (become)
  • to get angry enfadarse (especialmente español de España), enojarse (especialmente Am)
  • to get better mejorar
  • to get drunk emborracharse
  • to get old envejecer
17. (in passive-type constructions)
  • to get broken romperse
  • to get stolen ser robado(a)
18. (in reflexive-type constructions)
  • to get dressed vestirse
  • to get married casarse
19. (start)
  • to get going irse, marcharse; (leave) empezar a funcionar (start working)
  • to get talking with somebody empezar a hablar con alguien
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get [ɡet] got gotten (participle:past) (US)
When get is part of a set combination, eg get the sack, get hold of, get sth right, look up the other word.
transitive verb
1 (obtain) [+information, money, visa, divorce] conseguir; [+benefit] sacar; obtener
I'll get the money somehow conseguiré el dinero de alguna forma
I've got to get £5000 by tomorrow where did you get the money?
he had trouble getting a hotel room tuvo dificultades para conseguir una habitación de hotel; that's what got him the rise eso fue lo que le consiguió el aumento
he got it for me él me lo consiguió
you need to get permission off or from the owner tienes que conseguir el permiso del dueño
I got the idea off (very_informal) or from a TV programme saqué la idea de un programa de televisión
I've still one to get
he gets all his clothes off (very_informal) or from his elder brother hereda toda la ropa de su hermano mayor; where did you get that idea from? ¿de dónde sacaste esa idea?
we shan't get anything out of him no lograremos sacarle nada
you won't get any money out of me no vas a sacarme dinero; what are you going to get out of it? ¿qué vas a sacar de or ganar con ello?
I gave up my last job because I wasn't getting anything out of it
a good coach knows how to get the best out of his players un buen entrenador sabe cómo sacar lo mejor de sus jugadores
he has learned how to get the most out of life
she gets a lot of pleasure out of gardening disfruta mucho con la jardinería; you may get some fun out of it puede que te resulte divertido
2 (have) tener
I go whenever I get the chance voy siempre que tengo ocasión; to get something to eat comer algo
3 (receive) [+letter, phone call] recibir; [+wage] ganar; cobrar; [+TV station, radio station] coger; captar
she gets a good salary gana or cobra un buen sueldo; not everyone gets a pension no todo el mundo cobra una pensión; I got lots of presents me hicieron muchos regalos; I think he got the wrong impression creo que se ha llevado una impresión equivocada
how much did you get for it? ¿cuánto te dieron por él?
he got 15 years for murder le condenaron a 15 años por asesinato
it was my idea but they got all the credit for it
he gets his red hair from his mother el pelo rojizo lo ha heredado de su madre
he gets it from his father
I didn't get much from the film la película no me dijo gran cosa; I don't get much from his lectures saco poco provecho de sus clases
Some [get] + noun combinations are translated using a more specific Spanish verb. If in doubt, look up the noun.
I never got an answer no me contestaron; no recibí nunca una respuesta
he got a [fine]
they get lunch at school les dan de comer en el colegio
this area doesn't get much rain en esta área no llueve mucho
will he get a long [sentence]?
I got a shock/surprise me llevé un susto/una sorpresa
this room gets a lot of sun a esta habitación le da mucho el sol
4 (buy) comprar
I went out to get some milk salí a comprar leche; where did you get those shoes? ¿dónde te has comprado esos zapatos?
can you get some beer on your way home? I'll get a sandwich in town where did you get the petrol? I don't get a newspaper
I got it cheap in a sale lo conseguí barato en unas rebajas
I'm just going out to get the papers
5 (fetch) [+glasses, book] ir a buscar; traer; [+person] ir a buscar; ir a por; (pick up) [+goods, person] recoger
would you mind getting my glasses? ¿te importaría ir a buscarme or traerme las gafas?; can you get my coat from the cleaner's? ¿puedes recogerme el abrigo de la tintorería?; I'll get some lettuce from the garden voy a coger un poco de lechuga del jardín; quick, get help! ¡rápido, ve a buscar ayuda!
to get sth for sb to get sb sth ir a buscar algo a algn; traer algo a algn
could you get me the scissors please? ¿puedes ir a buscarme or me puedes traer las tijeras, por favor?; can I get you a drink? ¿te apetece beber or tomar algo?; ¿quieres beber or tomar algo?
to go/come and get sth/sb
I'll go and get it for you voy a buscártelo; voy a traértelo; go and get Jane will you? vete a buscar a Jane; ve a por Jane; phone me when you arrive and I'll come and get you cuando llegues llama por teléfono y te iré a buscar or recoger
6 (call) [+doctor, plumber] llamar
we'll have to get a plumber
please get the doctor por favor llame al médico
7 (answer) [+phone] contestar
can you get the phone? ¿puedes contestar el teléfono?; I'll get it! (telephone) ¡yo contesto!; (door) ¡ya voy yo!
8 (gain, win) [+prize] ganar; llevarse; conseguir; [+goal] marcar; [+reputation] ganarse
she got first prize ganó or se llevó or consiguió el primer premio; correct, you get 5 points correcto, gana or consigue 5 puntos; he's in it for what he can get lo único que quiere es sacarle provecho; Jackie got good exam results Jackie sacó buenas notas en los exámenes; he got a pass/an A in French sacó un aprobado/un sobresaliente en francés; I have to get my degree first antes tengo que acabar la carrera or conseguir mi diplomatura
you're getting quite a reputation round here
9 (find) [+job, flat] encontrar; conseguir
he got me a job me encontró or consiguió un trabajo; you get all sorts in this job te encuentras con todo tipo de gente en este trabajo; you don't get bears in this country en este país no hay osos
person you want to talk to
10 (catch) [+ball, disease, person] coger; agarrar; (LAm) [+thief] coger; atrapar; (LAm) [+bus] coger; tomar; (LAm) [+fish] pescar
they've got the thief I got malaria when I was in Africa I'll get the bus
I'm getting the bus into town voy a coger el autobús al centro; got you! ¡te pillé! (informal); ¡te cacé! (informal); ¡te agarré!; (LAm) got you at last! ¡por fin te he pillado or cazado! (informal)
I've been trying to get him alone he estado intentando verle a solas
to get sb by the throat/arm agarrar or coger a algn de la garganta/del brazo
I didn't get the details no oí los detalles
sorry, I didn't get your name perdone, ¿cómo dice que se llama?; perdone, no me he enterado de su nombre
did you get his (registration) number? ¿viste el número de matrícula?
you've got me there! ahí sí que me has pillado (informal)
to get it from sb
he really got it from the teacher el profesor le echó un rapapolvo (informal)
11 (reach, put through to)
get me Mr Jones, please (Telec) póngame or comuníqueme con el Sr. Jones, por favor; especially (LAm)
you'll get him at home if you phone this evening si le llamas esta tarde lo pillarás (informal) or encontrarás en casa
you can get me on this number puedes contactar conmigo en este número
I've been trying to get you all week he estado intentando hablar contigo toda la semana
12 (attack, take revenge on)
I feel like everyone is out to get me siento que todo el mundo va contra mí; I'll get you for that! ¡esto me lo vas a pagar!; they're out to get him van a cargárselo (informal)
13 (hit) [+target] dar en
the bullet got him in the leg la bala le dio en la pierna; it got him on the head le dio en la cabeza
14 (finish)
the drink will get him in the end la bebida acabará con él al final
15 (take, bring)
how can we get it home? (speaker not at home) ¿cómo podemos llevarlo a casa?; (speaker at home) ¿cómo podemos traerlo a casa?
I tried to get the blood off my shirt intenté quitar la sangre de mi camisa
get the knife off him! ¡quítale ese cuchillo!
I couldn't get the stain out of the tablecloth no podía limpiar la mancha del mantel
to get sth past customs conseguir pasar algo por la aduana
we'll get you there somehow le llevaremos de una u otra manera
we can't get it through the door no lo podemos pasar por la puerta
to get sth to sb hacer llegar algo a algn
can you get it to me by this evening?
to get the children to bed meter a los niños en la cama
where will that get us? ¿de qué nos sirve eso?
that will get you/him nowhere
that won't get you/him anywhere
eso no te/le va a llevar a ningún sitio
threatening me won't get you [anywhere] will get you [nowhere]
16 (prepare) [+meal] preparar; hacer
to get breakfast preparar or hacer el desayuno
This construction is often translated using a specific Spanish verb. Look up the relevant adjective.
he got his leg broken se rompió la pierna
to get one's hands dirty ensuciarse las manos
to get sb drunk emborrachar a algn
to get one's feet wet mojarse los pies
you're getting me worried estás haciendo que me preocupe
to get sth/sb ready disponeer desde luego no funciona. Arregalr is used when you are getting your self ready to go out (get dressed,etc). If you are getting yourself ready for something difficult, stresful etc = prepararse. Cristina I got the children ready to go out to get the dinner ready to get the soil ready for planting I had plenty of time to get myself ready (to go out) have you got your notes ready for the interview? she busied herself getting the rooms ready for the guests he told the pilot to get the aircraft ready he was trying to get his speech ready
to get sb to do sth (persuade) conseguir que algn haga algo; persuadir a algn a hacer algo; (tell) decir a algn que haga algo; we eventually got her to change her mind por fin conseguimos que cambiase de idea; por fin le persuadimos a cambiar de idea; I'll get him to ring you le diré que te llame; can you get someone to photocopy these puedes decirle or mandarle a alguien que me haga una fotocopia de estos; I can't get the door to open no puedo abrir la puerta; no logro que se abra la puerta; I couldn't get the washing machine to work no pude or no logré poner la lavadora en marcha
to get sth going to go
I couldn't get the car going or to go no pude poner el coche en marcha; no pude arrancar el coche; to get a fire going conseguir encender un fuego; to get a conversation going conseguir iniciar una conversación
when we've got the fire going, I'll start preparing supper Walsh finally got his percolator going and brewed them some Brazilian roast get a dialogue going, play for time we need to get the economy going again
19 ("get sth done" construction)
19 (do oneself)
you'll get yourself arrested looking like that vas a acabar en la cárcel con esas pintas
to get the washing/dishes done lavar la ropa/fregar los platos
we got no work done that day no hicimos nada de trabajo ese día
when do you think you'll get it finished? ¿cuándo crees que lo vas a acabar?
you'll get yourself killed driving like that te vas a matar si conduces de esa forma
to get the washing/dishes done
19 (get someone to do)
to get one's hair cut cortarse el pelo; hacerse cortar el pelo
he knows how to get things done sabe organizar muy bien a la gente
to get sth fixed arreglar or reparar algo
I've got to get my car fixed this week tengo que arreglar or reparar el coche esta semana; tengo que llevar el coche a arreglar or reparar esta semana; I should get my teeth fixed tendría que arreglarme los dientes
we're going to get central heating put in vamos a poner or instalar calefacción central
I must get my car serviced tengo que llevar el coche a una revisión
I'll just get this letter typed up
20 (understand) entender
I don't get you no te entiendo
I don't get the joke
(do you) get it? ¿entiendes?; [+joke] ¿lo coges?; ¿ya caes? (informal)
I don't get it
I've got it! [+joke] ¡ya caigo!; ¡ya lo entiendo!; [+solution] ¡ya tengo la solución!; ¡ya he dado con la solución!; ¡ya lo tengo!
21 (annoy) molestar; fastidiar
what gets me is the way he always assumes he's right lo que me molesta or fastidia es que siempre da por hecho que tiene razón; what really gets me is his total indifference lo que me molesta or fastidia es su total indiferencia
that's what gets me!
22 (thrill) chiflar (informal)
this tune really gets me esta melodía me chifla (informal); esta melodía me apasiona
it's his voice, it gets me every time
to have got sth (Britain) (have) tener algo
what have you got there? ¿qué tienes ahí?; I've got toothache tengo dolor de muelas
intransitive verb
1 (reach, go) llegar
how do you get there? ¿como se llega?; he got there late llegó tarde; how did you get here? ¿cómo viniste or llegaste?; how did that box get here? ¿cómo ha venido a parar esta caja aquí?
he should get here soon
I've got as far as page 10 he llegado hasta la página 10
he won't get far no llegará lejos
to get from A to B ir de A a B; trasladarse de A a B
to get home llegar a casa
to get to llegar a
how do you get to the cinema? ¿cómo se llega al cine?; I'll make sure it gets to you by tomorrow me aseguraré de que te llegue mañana; where did you get to? (where were you?) ¿dónde estabas?; ¿dónde te habías metido?; where can he have got to? ¿dónde se puede haber metido?; it's a place that's difficult to get to es un lugar de difícil acceso
not to get anywhere
you won't get anywhere with him no conseguirás nada con él; you won't get anywhere if you behave like that no vas a conseguir nada comportándote así
to get nowhere
we're getting absolutely nowhere we're getting nowhere fast no estamos llegando a ningún sitio
to get somewhere
now we're getting somewhere ahora empezamos a hacer progresos
to get there
"how's your thesis going?" — "I'm getting there" —¿qué tal va tu tesis? —va avanzando
to get nowhere/somewhere in job etc in discussion etc
to get to sb (affect) afectar a algn; (annoy) molestar a algn
don't let it get to you (affect) no dejes que te afecte; (annoy) no te molestes por eso; the whisky has got to him el whisky le ha afectado
2 (become, be) ponerse; volverse; hacerse
As expressions with [get] + adjective, such as [get old], [get drunk] etc, are often translated by a specific verb, look up the adjective.
to get [dark] to get [excited]
it's getting late se está haciendo tarde
how did it get like that? ¿cómo se ha puesto así?
how do people get like that? ¿cómo puede la gente volverse así?
this is getting ridiculous esto roza los límites de lo ridículo
how stupid can you get? ¿hasta qué punto llega tu estupidez?; ¿cómo puedes ser tan estúpido?
to get used to sth acostumbrarse a algo
to get old/tired to get angry to get (o.s.) dirty to get ready to get married to get wet
to get with it espabilarse
you'd better get with it or we'll lose this contract espabílate o perderemos este contrato
get with it! they got married two years ago this is serious business and the government had better get with it
"Become {etc} + adjective" See culture box in entry become.
ponerse a trabajar
3 (be)
he often gets asked for his autograph a menudo le piden autógrafos
we got beaten 3-2 perdimos 3 a 2
several windows got broken se rompieron varias ventanas
to get killed morir; matarse
I saw her the night she got killed (accidentally) la vi la noche que murió or se mató; (murdered) la vi la noche que la asesinaron; do you want to get killed! ¡¿es que quieres matarte?!
he got killed in the first month of the war
to get paid cobrar
he got run over as he was coming out of his house lo atropellaron al salir de casa
(reflexive action)
to get shaved afeitarse
to get washed lavarse
I'll just go and get [washed]
4 (begin) empezar a; ponerse a
let's get going vamos a ponernos en marcha
get going! ¡muévete!; ¡a menearse!; once she gets going on that subject she never stops una vez que empieza con ese tema no para
the idea never got going
after midnight the party really got going después de medianoche la fiesta empezó a animarse
let's get moving vamos a ponernos en marcha
we got talking empezamos a hablar or charlar
I got to thinking that ... (informal) me di cuenta de que ...; empecé a pensar que ...
I was having a bath and the soap kept falling in, and then I got to thinking that a non-slip holder suspended from the ceiling was the answer
5 (come)
to get to do sth llegar a hacer algo
he eventually got to be prime minister al final llegó a ser primer ministro
I got to be quite good at it llegué a hacerlo bastante bien
when do we get to eat? ¿cuándo comemos?
to get to know sb llegar a conocer a algn
he got to like her despite her faults le llegó a gustar a pesar de sus defectos
so when do I get to meet this friend of yours? ¿cuándo me vas a presentar a este amigo tuyo?
I never get to drive the car nunca tengo oportunidad de conducir el coche
to get to see sth/sb lograr ver algo/a algn
we never got to see him to get to be ... eventually I got to be quite good at it it got to be quite pleasant after a while it's getting to be impossible
6 (go)
get! ¡lárgate! (informal)
to have got to do sth (expressing obligation) tener que hacer algo; you've got to tell the police tienes que denunciarlo a la policía; why have I got to? ¿por qué tengo que hacerlo?
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