transitive verb
1. (to remove the testicles of) 
Los lechones se castran a pocos días de haber nacido.Piglets are castrated a few days after they are born.
b. to geld 
En la actualidad, se emplean unos instrumentos especiales para castrar caballos.Nowadays, special instruments are used to geld horses.
c. to neuter 
Si no castras al gato, se va a acabar escapando.If you don't have your cat neutered, it'll end up running away.
d. to fix (colloquial) (United States) 
La única manera de que ese perro se calme es castrándolo.The only way to make that dog calm down is to have him fixed.
e. to doctor (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
Hay servicios gratuitos para castrar mascotas.There are free services for getting your pet doctored.
2. (to take strength away from) 
a. to weaken 
Las decisiones erradas del referí castraron al equipo.The referee's bad decisions weakend the team.
b. to sap 
Los conflictos bélicos castran la energía social de una comunidad.War conflicts sap a community's social energy.
3. (to make feel inadequate) 
Manuel era un hombre brillante pero muy inseguro porque la madre lo castró de niño.Manuel was a bright man, but terribly self-conscious because as a child he was emasculated by his mother.
4. (to take away from a hive) 
El mejor mes para castrar colmenas en el hemisferio norte es junio.The best month for removing honeycombs from beehives in the northern hemisphere is June.
transitive verb
1. (animal, persona) 
a. to castrate 
2. (gato) 
a. to neuter 
3. (debilitar) 
a. to sap, to impair 
transitive verb
1 (Zoología) [+toro] to castrate; [+caballo] to geld; [+gato] to doctor
2 (Botánica) to prune; cut back
3 (debilitar) to impair; weaken
Phrases with "castrar"
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tienes que castrar al gato
you have to get your cat fixed
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