transitive verb
1. (colloquial) (to caress) (Mexico) 
a. to pet 
José cachondeó a Ana y acabaron haciendo el amor.Jose had been petting Ana and they ended up making love.
intransitive verb
2. (colloquial) (to caress one another) (Mexico) 
a. to pet 
Al parecer los dos amantes estaban cachondeando en el carro en ese momento.The two lovers were apparently petting in the car at the time.
b. to snog (kissing) 
Es de mala educación cachondear en la calle.It's bad manners to snog in the street.
pronominal verb
3. (colloquial) (to laugh at; used with "de") 
Lorena se cachondeó de Julia haciéndole creer que había ganado el juego.Lorena made fun of Julia by making her believe she had won the game.
b. to take the mickey out of (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
Deja de cachondearte de mí por ir disfrazado. Pensé que veníamos a una fiesta de disfraces.Stop taking the mickey out of me for wearing fancy dress. I thought we were coming to a fancy dress party.
Mis amigos se cachondean de todo cuando están borrachos.When they're drunk, my friends treat everything as a joke.
pronominal verb
1. (colloquial) (Spain) 
a. no direct translation 
cachondearse de alguiento make a fool out of somebody to take the mickey out of sb
cachondear (Centroamérica) (México)
intransitive verb
(acariciar) to pet (familiar); make out (muy_familiar); (EEUU) (besarse) to snog (muy_familiar); smooch (familiar);
pronominal verb
1 to take things as a joke
cachondearse de algn to take the mickey out of sb (muy_familiar); make fun of sb
2 (Latinoamérica) to get turned on (familiar)
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