intransitive verb
1. (to become thinner) 
Se nota que has adelgazado.I can see that you have lost weight.
b. to slim (United Kingdom) 
Trato de adelgazar y no puedo.I'm trying to slim and I can't.
transitive verb
2. (to get rid of) 
a. to lose 
Quiero adelgazar cinco kilos para este verano.I want to lose five kilos in time for this summer.
b. to shed 
¿Cuántos kilos ha adelgazado?How many kilos has he shed?
Tom tendrá que adelgazar 15 kilos para interpretar este papel.Tom will need to take off 15 kilos to play this part.
3. (to make more slender) 
Estos ejercicios te servirán par adelgazar la cara.These exercises will help you make your face thinner.
b. to reduce 
Es un buen ejercicio para adelgazar las caderas.It's a good exercise for reducing your hips.
¿Qué tengo que hacer para adelgazar las piernas?What do I need to do to slim down my legs?
4. (to reduce the thickness of) 
Hay que adelgazar la puerta un poco.We need to trim down the door a little.
b. to trim 
Tendrás que adelgazar la madera a la anchura correcta.You'll need to trim the wood to the correct width.
Ahora el alfarero comienza a aplastar el barro y adelgazarlo.Now the potter's starting to flatten the clay and make it thinner.
transitive verb
1. (kilos) 
a. to lose 
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. to lose weight, to slim 
transitive verb
1 (reducir el grosor) to make thin; make slender; [+kilos] to lose; take off; [+persona, figura] to slim; reduce; slenderize; (EEUU) [+palo] to pare; whittle; [+punta] to sharpen; [+voz] to raise the pitch of
2 (purificar) to purify; refine; [+entendimiento] to sharpen;
intransitive verb
(perder peso) to grow thin; (con régimen) to slim; lose weight;
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