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1. paseo (m) (short) ; caminata (f) (long)
  • it's a ten-minute walk away está a diez minutos de camino (de aquí)
  • to go for a walk ir a dar un paseo
2. andares (mpl) manera (f) de caminar or (gait) andar (español de España)
3. (speed)
  • at a walk al paso, paseando
4. paseo (m) sendero (m) (path)
5. (profession, condition)
  • people from all walks of life gente de toda condición
transitive verb
  • to walk the dog sacar o pasear al perro
  • to walk somebody home acompañar a alguien a casa
  • to walk the streets caminar por las calles; hacer la calle (Euph) (prostitute)
intransitive verb
6. caminar (move on foot) , andar (español de España); ir andando or caminando ; pasear, caminar
  • to walk home (as opposed to riding, driving)(for exercise, pleasure) ir caminando or andando a casa (español de España)
walk [wɔːk]
1 (stroll, ramble) paseo (m); (hike) caminata (f); excursión (f) a pie; (race) marcha (f) atlética
there's a nice walk by the river hay un paseo agradable por el río; this is my favourite walk este es mi paseo favorito; it's only a ten-minute walk from here está a solo diez minutos de aquí a pie; from there it's a short walk to his house desde allí a su casa se va a pie en muy poco tiempo; to go for or take a walk ir de paseo; we went for a walk around fuimos a dar una vuelta; take a walk! ¡lárgate (informal)!; to take sb for a walk llevar a algn de paseo
it was a walk in the park especially (US) fue coser y cantar; fue pan comido
Up until then, my life had been a walk in the park - everything had come my way So how did she cope with her heavily bandaged hamstring and groggy state on one of the fastest courses in Europe? "Oh, it was a walk in the park."
2 (avenue) paseo (m)
they have constructed a special walk through the rose garden they passed through outside courts with their pleasure-giving flowers, lakes, summer houses, rustic bridges and gardens until she ascended a covered walk with balustrades
3 (pace) paso (m)
he went at a quick walk caminó a (un) paso rápido
at a walk
the cavalry advanced at a walk la caballería avanzaba al paso
He could have followed Tandy at a walk
4 (gait) paso (m); andar (m)
he has an odd sort of walk tiene un modo de andar algo raro; to know sb by his walk conocer a algn por su modo de andar
walk of life: I meet people from all walks of life me encuentro con gente de todas las profesiones y condiciones sociales
transitive verb
1 [+distance] andar; caminar; especially (LAm)
we walked 40 kilometres yesterday ayer anduvimos 40 kilómetros; to walk the streets andar por las calles; (aimlessly) vagar por las calles; (be homeless) no tener hogar; estar sin techo; [+prostitute] hacer la calle or la carrera; to walk the wards (Med) hacer prácticas de clínica; you can walk it in five minutes está a cinco minutos andando or a pie de aquí; I had to walk it tuve que ir a pie or ir andando
the last bus had gone so I had to walk it
don't worry, you'll walk it no te preocupes, será facilísimo
to walk the boards
2 (lead) [+dog] pasear; sacar a pasear; [+horse] llevar al paso
she walks the dog every day pasea or saca a pasear al perro todos los días; I'll walk you to the station te acompaño a la estación
to walk sb into the ground or off his feet dejar a algn rendido de tanto caminar
intransitive verb
1 andar; caminar; especially (LAm) (as opposed to riding etc) ir a pie; ir andando; ir caminando; especially (LAm) (Dep) marchar
can your little boy walk yet? ¿ya anda tu niño?; to walk slowly andar despacio; don't walk so fast! ¡no andes tan deprisa!; you can walk there in five minutes está a cinco minutos andando de aquí; are you walking or going by bus? ¿vas a ir a pie o en autobús?
walk (US) (on traffic signal) cruzar
don't walk (US) (on traffic signal) no cruzar
walk a little with me acompáñame un rato; to walk in one's sleep ser sonámbulo; andar dormido; to walk downstairs/upstairs bajar/subir la escalera; we had to walk tuvimos que ir a pie or andando; to walk home ir andando a casa; volver andando a casa; we were out walking in the hills/in the park estábamos paseando por la montaña/el parque; to walk across sth cruzar algo; to walk slowly up/down the stairs subir/bajar lentamente la escalera; to walk up and down pasearse (de acá para allá)
to walk tall andar con la cabeza alta
2 [+ghost] andar; aparecer
3 (disappear) volar (informal)
my camera's walked mi cámara ha volado or desaparecido
4 (be acquitted) salir sin cargos
There was some kind of legal technicality and the guy walked No one was expecting him to be given a lengthy sentence; but no one was expecting him to walk either
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