1. (hurry) 
a. la prisa (F) 
I'm in a rush to get to the airport; my flight leaves in half an hour!Tengo prisa por llegar al aeropuerto, ¡mi avión sale en media hora!
b. el apuro (M) (Latin America) 
Today's young people are in no rush to get married.Los jóvenes de hoy no tienen apuro por casarse.
I misplaced my passport in my rush to get to the airport on time.Se me extravió el pasaporte en el ajetreo por llegar a tiempo al aeropuerto.
2. (sudden flow) 
A strong rush of wind knocked the tree down.Una fuerte ráfaga de viento derribó el árbol.
Juan asked Sally about her vacation and a rush of words gushed out of her mouth.Juan le preguntó a Sally acerca de sus vacaciones y un torrente de palabras brotó de su boca.
3. (flow of people) 
We're going to leave early tomorrow morning to avoid the rush out of town.Mañana vamos a salir temprano para evitar la desbandada para salir de la ciudad.
Angelica was injured in the rush when getting out of the building in fire.Angélica se lesionó en el tumulto al salir del edificio que se incendiaba.
c. la fiebre (F) 
A lot of people moved to California in search of fortune during the gold rush.Mucha gente emigró a California en busca de fortuna durante la fiebre del oro.
4. (commerce) 
There was a rush at the toy store on December 24th.Hubo una fuerte demanda en la juguetería el 24 de diciembre.
A rush of orders were placed when the new cellphone came out.Hubo una avalancha de pedidos cuando salió el teléfono celular nuevo.
5. (sports) (United States) 
a. la carga (F) 
Number 11 made a two-yard rush for a touchdown.El número 11 hizo una carga de dos yardas para marcar un touchdown.
6. (botany) 
a. el junco (M) 
We saw some ducks swim into the rushes to hide.Vimos unos patos que se metieron nadando entre los juncos para esconderse.
intransitive verb
7. (to hurry) 
a. apurarse (Latin America) 
He rushed to get to the beach on the first day of vacation.Se apuró a llegar a la playa el primer día de vacaciones.
They rushed to the hospital because a baby was on the way.Se apresuraron a llegar al hospital porque el bebé venía en camino.
He rushed to get married and now he regrets it.Se precipitó en casarse y ahora se arrepiente.
Elena rushed past and didn't even stop to say hello.Elena pasó a toda prisa y ni siquiera se detuvo a saludar.
Melani rushed to finish her homework so she could go out and play.Melani se dio prisa para terminar la tarea para poder salir a jugar.
8. (to run) 
a. correr 
Yolanda rushed outside to see where the noise was coming from.Yolanda salió corriendo para ver de dónde venía el ruido.
Sarah fell and David rushed over to help her up.Sarah se cayó y David se precipitó a ayudarla a levantarse.
Oscar rushed out to the grocery store for milk.Óscar fue a toda prisa a la tienda por leche.
transitive verb
9. (to hurry) 
a. apurar (Latin America) 
The professor rushed the students to finish their classwork.El profesor apuró a sus alumnos para que terminaran la tarea en clase.
b. apresurar 
I'm coming. Don't rush me.Ya voy. No me apresures.
c. meter prisa (colloquial) 
If you rush her, she'll cry and you'll be even later.Si le metes prisa, llorará y llegarás aun más tarde.
d. hacer a las carreras (colloquial) 
I think that the government's rushing tax legislation.Creo que el gobierno está haciendo la legislación tributaria a las carreras.
My mom and I rushed to do the Christmas shopping.Mi mamá y yo hicimos a toda prisa las compras navideñas.
10. (to transport quickly) 
Miguel rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital.Miguel llevó de urgencia a su esposa embarazada al hospital.
They rushed the lungs for transplant to the operating room.Llevaron los pulmones para el transplante rápidamente al quirófano.
The volunteers rushed food and fresh water to the area damaged by the hurricane.Los voluntarios enviaron urgentemente comida y agua potable al área afectada por el huracán.
11. (to attack) 
The assailants rushed the guard.Los asaltantes se abalanzaron sobre la guardia.
They rushed the enemy with insufficient cover and were decimated.Arremetieron desprotegidos contra el enemigo y fueron diezmados.
c. asaltar 
The police rushed the building when they saw a gunman put a gun to a hostage's head.La policía asaltó el edificio cuando vieron a un hombre armado poner una pistola en la cabeza de un rehén.
d. atacar 
At the corporal's order, 500 men rushed the enemy position with automatic weapons.A la orden del cabo, 500 hombres atacaron la posición enemiga con armas automáticas.
12. (colloquial) (to overcharge) (United Kingdom) 
a. clavar (colloquial) 
The phone company rushed me for $50 and then cut off my service for refusal to pay.La compañía telefónica me clavó $50 y luego me cortó el servicio por negarme a pagar.
13. (education) 
a. no direct translation 
The fraternity’s rushing candidates this week, and then they'll offer bids.La fraternidad va a hacer actividades para atraer candidatos esta semana, y después van a hacer las invitaciones a unirse.
The sisters rushed those interested in getting into the sorority.Las hermanas entretuvieron a las interesadas en pertenecer a la hermandad.
14. (sports) 
a. correr 
Sanchez rushed the ball four times in today's game.Sánchez corrió la pelota cuatro veces en el partido de hoy.
b. marcar 
Try to rush the kicker and block his passes.Procura marcar al pateador y bloquear sus pases.
15. (urgent) 
a. urgente 
A rush job came in at 4 pm, so I'll be working late tonight.Me llegó un trabajo urgente a las 4 pm, así que estaré trabajando hasta tarde esta noche.
plural noun
16. (cinema) (United Kingdom) 
The director and actors gathered to view yesterday's rushes.El director y los actores se juntaron para ver las primeras pruebas de ayer.
1. (hurry) 
a. la prisa (F) 
b. el apuro (M) (Latin America) 
to be in a rushtener prisa estar apurado(a)
there's no rushno hay prisa or
to make a rush for somethingapresurarse a alcanzar algo
to make a rush at somebodyabalanzarse hacia alguien
a rush jobuna chapuza
2. (surge; of air) 
a. la ráfaga (F) 
3. (of water) 
a. el chorro (M) 
4. (of requests) 
a. la ola (F) 
5. (demand) 
a. la demanda (F) 
there's been a rush on sugarha habido una fuerte demanda de azúcar
6. (cinema) 
a. no direct translation 
rushesprimeras pruebas fpl
transitive verb
7. (hurry; task) 
a. realizar a toda prisa 
8. (person) 
a. apresurar 
don't rush me!¡no me metas prisa! ¡no me apures!
to rush somebody into doing somethingmeter prisa or
to be rushed off one's feetno tener un momento de descanso
9. (transport quickly) 
a. llevar apresuradamente 
she was rushed to hospitalla llevaron al hospital a toda prisa
10. (attack) 
a. arremeter contra 
intransitive verb
11. (move fast) 
a. precipitarse 
12. (hurry) 
a. apresurarse 
b. apurarse (Latin America) 
I must rush(me voy que) tengo mucha prisa or
the blood rushed to his cheeksse le subieron los colores
she rushed into marriagese casó demasiado apresuradamente
rush [rʌʃ]
1 (act of rushing)
there was a rush for the door se precipitaron todos hacia la puerta
the gold rush la fiebre del oro
two were injured in the rush hubo dos heridos en el tumulto
the annual rush to the beaches la desbandada de todos los años hacia las playas
the rush of modern life he made a rush for the exit the men made a rush to grab whatever weapons they could he was caught in the rush for the door some fainted and others were trampled in the rush to escape
2 (hurry) prisa (f); apuro (m); (LAm)
what's all the rush about? ¿por qué tanta prisa?; we had a rush to get it ready tuvimos que darnos prisa or apurarnos para tenerlo listo; (LAm)
I had a rush to get here in time
is there any rush for this? ¿corre prisa esto?
it got lost in the rush con el ajetreo se perdió
there's a real rush on this afternoon
I'm in a rush tengo prisa or apuro; (LAm) I did it in a rush lo hice deprisa; lo hice muy apurada; (LAm) it all happened in a rush todo pasó deprisa y corriendo
they didn't seem to be in any rush neither of them was in any rush to get married we're in a rush to finish it
he's in no rush no tiene prisa alguna or apuro ninguno; (LAm)
3 (current, torrent)
a rush of warm air una ráfaga de aire caliente
a rush of water un torrente de agua
a rush of words un torrente de palabras
the words came out in a rush las palabras salieron a borbotones
a rush of people remember the first rush of excitement in a rush of sympathy a rush of wind she shouted above the rush of water the perpetual rush of the mill stream a rush of pure affection swept over him he felt /a sudden rush of panic/ at the thought Joanna's tension dissipated in a rush of relief he had a rush of [blood] to the head some doctors claim that /the sudden rush of blood to the head/ during the 32.2ft a second fall can cause detached retinas, heart attacks from fright, and whiplash injuries
4 (Comm) demanda (f)
we've had a rush of orders ha habido una enorme demanda de pedidos
the Christmas rush la actividad frenética de las Navidades
post offices will remain open later to handle the Christmas rush she was told to help in the kitchenware department during the Christmas rush The slow economy is disappointing to retailers hoping for a Christmas rush The Christmas rush finally got underway with High Street shops slashing prices to entice reluctant families to spend
a rush for tickets una enorme demanda de entradas
there has been a rush on suntan lotion ha habido una enorme demanda de crema bronceadora
5 (US) (Ftbl) carga (f)
6 rushes (Cine) primeras pruebas (f)
when the Paramount executives saw /the rushes of the love scenes/, they surmised immediately that a romance had begun "wait till New York sees the rushes!" he enthused
transitive verb
1 [+person] meter prisa a; apurar; (LAm)
don't rush me! ¡no me metas prisa!; ¡no me apures!; (LAm) I hate being rushed no aguanto que me metan prisa; no aguanto que me apuren; (LAm)
I don't want to rush you but I have another appointment don't rush him or he'll become confused
to rush sb into (doing) sth
she knew he was trying to rush her into a decision sabía que trataba de meterle prisa or apurarla para que se decidiera; (LAm) don't be rushed into signing anything no dejes que te hagan firmar deprisa y corriendo; no dejes que te metan prisa or que te apuren para firmar; (LAm)
she refused to be rushed into marriage ministers won't be rushed into a response.. do not be rushed into parting with goods before taking legal advice
we were rushed off our feet estábamos hasta arriba de trabajo (informal)
we used to be rushed off our feet at lunchtimes the hospital staff were rushed off their feet now we have a cut-back in staff in this department, and I'm rushed off my feet
2 [+work, job] hacer con mucha prisa or a la carrera
I rushed my lunch comí el almuerzo a toda prisa or a todo correr or a la carrera
the essay was not as good as it could have been because he rushed it chew your food well and do not rush meals
I'm not going to rush things no voy a precipitarme
of course he will return to professional football but injuries take time to heal and /there is no point in rushing it/ we don't want to rush things - first we want to enjoy this happy event
3 (carry, take)
reinforcements were rushed to the scene mandaron rápidamente refuerzos al lugar del incidente; he was rushed (off) to hospital lo llevaron al hospital con la mayor urgencia; please rush me my free copy por favor, mándenme la copia gratuita tan pronto como puedan
we'll rush it round today if possible
4 (attack) [+building, enemy positions] asaltar; atacar; [+opponent, barrier, stage] abalanzarse sobre
he said he would blow the place up if police rushed the building a group of mainly young men then rushed the building and broke into a room soldiers rushed the demonstrators, sending thousands fleeing Clark rushed the third man, slamming him against the wall the crowd rushed the barriers they rushed the entrance and forced their way in at one point, people started rushing the stage
5 (charge) soplar (informal); clavar (very_informal)
how much did they rush you? they rushed me £20
intransitive verb
1 (run)
to rush downstairs bajar la escalera corriendo or a toda prisa
to rush past or by pasar a toda velocidad
the train gave a loud whistle as it rushed past lorries rushing by on the motorway
everyone rushed to the windows todos corrieron or se precipitaron hacia las ventanas
neighbours rushed to his aid los vecinos corrieron en su ayuda; I rushed to her side corrí a su lado
to rush upstairs subir la escalera corriendo or a toda prisa
to rush across a road a schoolgirl rushed into a burning flat to save a man's life she rushed upstairs and found her husband lying on the floor shop staff rushed to get help
2 (hurry)
I must rush me voy corriendo; don't rush! ¡con calma!
people who go rushing to their doctor every time they sneeze the rocket was rushing through space the air was rushing past us all the time he stood listening to the wind rush through the pine trees water rushes out of huge tunnels
I was rushing to finish it me daba prisa or me estaba apurando por terminarlo; (LAm) people are rushing to buy the book la gente corre a comprar el libro
Russian banks rushed to buy as many dollars as they could before you rush to book a table, bear in mind that lunch for two would cost £100
the blood rushed to her cheeks or face enrojeció violentamente
/she could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks/ - this is ridiculous, she thought, furious with herself; if I'm going to blush every time his name is mentioned I'm really going to be in trouble "I'm afraid there is serious concern." My heart sank. I could feel the blood rushing to my face
to rush to conclusions sacar conclusiones precipitadas
the train went rushing into the tunnel el tren entró en el túnel a toda velocidad
he will not rush into any decisions no tomará ninguna decisión precipitada
the sound of rushing water el sonido de agua corriendo con fuerza
his question was so blunt that she stared for a moment, and then rushed to Everett's defence
rush hour (n) hora (f) punta; hora (f) pico; (LAm)
Madrid in the rush hour during the evening rush hour it was often solid with vehicles I had to drive eight miles at rush hour
rush hour traffic tráfico (m) de hora punta or de hora pico; (LAm)
try to avoid rush-hour traffic..
rush job (n) (urgent) trabajo (m) urgente; (too hurried) trabajo (m) hecho deprisa y corriendo
Brian, knowing it was a rush job, took the piece home to do after work is that wise? - it will look like a rush job, and it will BE a rush job
rush order (n) pedido (m) urgente
the Saudis placed a rush order for 100 more of the sirens more than 10,000 mattress pads which are on rush order after lunch, they received a rush order for five hundred posters
rush [rʌʃ]
(Bot) junco (m)
the reeds and rushes along the banks of the river baskets made from rushes
rush basket (n) cesto (m) de mimbre
Fanny seized the opportunity to slip upstairs and fetch /the rush basket/ in which she kept her needlework
rush light (n) vela (f) de junco
flickering rush lights
rush mat (n) estera (f)
small rush mats on polished floors
rush matting (n) estera (f); esterilla (f)
rush matting on the floor hide the hideous kitchen lino under rush matting
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rush hour
la hora punta
in a rush
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no hay prisa
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