1. (mineral) 
a. la roca (F) 
The beach was full of rocks.La playa estaba llena de rocas.
b. la piedra (F) 
There's a rock in my shoe.Tengo una piedra en el zapato.
2. (music) 
a. el rock (M) 
The only music worth listening to is rock.El rock es la única música que vale la pena escuchar.
3. (jewel) 
a. el pedrusco (M) (colloquial) 
She's been showing that rock off to everyone since she got engaged.Anda mostrándole ese pedrusco a todo el mundo desde que se comprometió.
transitive verb
4. (to move from side to side) 
a. mecer 
He rocked the baby until he fell asleep.Meció al bebé hasta que se quedó dormido.
b. acunar 
My daughter is rocking her doll.Mi hija está acunando su muñeca.
5. (to shake) 
a. sacudir 
The thunder rocked our house.Los truenos sacudieron la casa.
b. estremecer (emotionally) 
The entire community was rocked by the child's death.La comunidad entera fue estremecida por la muerte del niño.
intransitive verb
6. (to move gently) 
a. mecerse 
The baby rocked quietly in her cradle.El bebé se meció silenciosamente en su cuna.
The branches rocked gently in the breeze.Las ramas se balancearon suavemente en la brisa.
7. (to shake) 
a. sacudirse 
The bunker rocked as bombs fell.El búnker se sacudía mientras caían las bombas.
The boat rocked violently among the waves during the storm.El barco se estremecía con violencia entre las olas durante la tormenta.
8. (to be amazing) 
a. no direct translation 
The party last night rocked!¡La fiesta de anoche estuvo de lo mejor!
This band rocks. I can't believe I'd never heard of them.Esta banda es increíble. No puedo creer que nunca haya escuchado de ellos.
1. (substance, large stone) 
a. la roca (F) 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to be on the rocksestar al borde del naufragio
on the rockscon hielo
to reach or hit rock bottomtocar fondo
the Rock (of Gibraltar)el Peñón (de Gibraltar)
rock climbingescalada f
rock facepared (de roca)
rock gardenjardín de rocalla
rock poolcharca f
rock saltsal gema
rock solidinquebrantable
stick of rockbarra de caramelo de menta que se vende sobre todo en localidades costeras y lleva el nombre del lugar impreso
3. (rocking motion) 
a. no direct translation 
to give something a rockmecer algo
4. (music) 
a. el rock (M) 
rock and rollrock and roll m
rock concertconcierto de rock
rock groupgrupo de rock
rock singercantante de rock
transitive verb
5. (boat, chair) 
a. mecer, balancear 
6. (building; of earthquake, explosion) 
a. sacudir 
to rock a baby to sleepmecer a un niño hasta que se quede dormido
7. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to rock the boatcomplicar el asunto
the country was rocked by these revelationsestas revelaciones conmocionaron al país
intransitive verb
8. (sway) 
a. balancearse 
9. (building) 
a. estremecerse 
to rock (backward and forward) in one's chairmecerse en la silla
to rock with laughterreírse a carcajadas
rock [rɒk]
1 (substance) roca (f); (crag, rock face) peñasco (m); peñón (m); (large stone, boulder) roca (f); (US) (small stone) piedra (f); (in sea) escollo (m); roca (f)
hewn out of solid rock tallado en la roca viva; they were drilling into solid rock estaban perforando rocas vivas; porous/volcanic rock roca porosa/volcánica; the Rock (of Gibraltar) el Peñón (de Gibraltar); an outcrop of rock un peñasco; un peñón
people began throwing rocks at the police the hills above the valley are bare rock it was almost like a gorge, with very sheer rock sides a huge rock/a pile of fallen rocks blocked their way she sat cross-legged on the rock she bent down, picked up a rock and threw it into the trees recently there have been a number of sniper and rock throwing attacks in that area the wreckage was found on the rocks the sea crashed against the rocks
danger: falling rocks desprendimiento de rocas
2 (in phrases)
to be at rock bottom [+person, prices, morale, confidence] estar por los suelos; haber tocado fondo
prices are at rock bottom los precios están por los suelos or han tocado fondo; morale in the armed forces was at rock bottom los ánimos en las fuerzas armadas habían tocado fondo or estaban por los suelos
public confidence in the police is at rock bottom she was at rock bottom - her long-term love affair was breaking up and so was she
to hit or reach rock bottom [+person, prices] tocar fondo
until they reach rock-bottom, it is difficult for people to get financial help when my girlfriend asked me to move out of our flat and end our relationship, I hit rock bottom prices have hit rock bottom the UK motor industry slumped to one of its blackest days yesterday as /new car sales hit rock bottom/
rock hard duro como una piedra
it dries rock hard in less than an hour en menos de una hora se seca hasta quedarse duro como una piedra
the bread was rock hard
he's like a rock, I totally depend on him es mi pilar or puntal, dependo totalmente de él
whisky on the rocks whisky con hielo
to run or go on(to) the rocks (Náut) chocar contra los escollos; encallar en las rocas
the ship went on the rocks she had broken adrift, gone on to the rocks, and sunk
rock solid sólido como una roca
the pound was rock solid against the mark la libra permanecía sólida como una roca frente al marco
the foundations of the house were rock solid their defence was rock solid she has proved that she is rock solid under pressure the moral case is rock solid whatever the outcome, Camille feels her own position is rock solid Seles return of serve is awesome, her nerve rock solid
he held the gun rock steady sujetó la pistola con pulso firme
he reached for a cigarette and lit it, fingers rock steady the ship's south-west course was rock steady the car is rock steady at any speed
to be on the rocks (be broke) no tener un céntimo; estar sin blanca (informal); (Esp) (fail) [+marriage] andar fatal (informal)
their marriage is on the rocks
his business went on the rocks last year su negocio se fue a pique or se hundió el año pasado
he does not want this marriage to go on the rocks like his friend
to be between or be caught between a rock and a hard place estar entre la espada y la pared
/the addict is caught between a rock and a hard place/ - he's used to trying to control everything, yet letting go of control is precisely what is required to recover
3 (Britain) (sweet) palo (m) de caramelo
a stick of rock un palo de caramelo
4 (diamond) diamante (m);rocks piedras (f); joyas (f)
she turned up at this party, weighed down with the most expensive rocks you've ever seen
5 (drug) crack (m)
6 especially (US)rocks
to get one's rocks off echar un polvo (very_informal)
they hate women - they want to use you, get their rocks off, simple as that he could only get his rocks off - sorry, that's an Americanism I learnt from him - if he inflicted pain
rock cake rock bun (n) bollito con frutos secos
rock cakes, like scones, are high in calcium owing to the self-raising flour and dried fruit he was waxing lyrical over her rock cakes
rock candy (n) (US) palo (m) de caramelo
rock carving (n) escultura (f) rupestre
Bronze Age life as exemplified by rock carvings
rock climber (n) escaladoraescaladora (m) (f) (de rocas);a escaladora
the nearby cliffs of Falloises are a favourite venue for rock climbers she is an expert rock climber
rock climbing (n) (Dep) escalada (f) en rocas
she enjoys rock climbing
to go rock climbing ir a escalar en roca
rock crystal (n) cristal (m) de roca
the dining room's French rock-crystal chandelier jackdaw and rock dove nest on the cliffs
rock face (n) vertiente (f) rocosa; pared (f) de roca
he and two friends were climbing a rock face when they heard cries for help They began to abseil down the rock face the track from the camp ended in the rock face of the mountain
rock fall (n) desprendimiento (m) de rocas
there's been a rock fall a massive rock fall trapped the men as they operated a tunnelling machine
rock formation (n) formación (f) rocosa
the Old Man is a rock formation on the face of a cliff which looks uncannily like a human profile they had come to study rock formations
rock garden (n) jardín (m) de roca or de rocalla
they ploughed up their driveway and turned it into a rock garden Joe built an intricate rock garden, with terraces, paths, and several hundred flowers and shrubs pasta primavera, and rock lobster salad with island vegetables
rock painting (n) pintura (f) rupestre
wonderful multi-colored rock paintings drawn by the ancient Chumash Indians rock paintings that decorated the walls of caves
rock plant (n) planta (f) rupestre or de roca
she went out and bought some rock plants for the new rockery
rock pool (n) charca (f) (de agua de mar) entre rocas
the rock-pools which so fascinated him were covered by the tide the shore is a fascinating mixture of rock pools, sandy shore and cliffs
rock rose (n) jara (f); heliantemo (m)
rock salmon (n) (Britain) cazón (m)
rock salt (n) sal (f) gema or mineral or sin refinar
you can use sea or rock salt for this
rock [rɒk]
transitive verb
1 (swing to and fro) [+child] acunar; [+cradle] mecer
she rocked the child in her arms acunó al niño en sus brazos
she sat on the porch and rocked the baby she started singing again as she rocked the cradle
to rock o.s. in a chair mecerse en una silla; to rock a child to sleep arrullar a un niño
he began rocking himself [to and fro] like a distressed child "I mustn't be weak," she whispered aloud, rocking herself back and forth and struggling not to cry
2 (shake) sacudir
his death rocked the fashion business su muerte sacudió or convulsionó al mundo de la moda
an earthquake rocked northern Greece this morning an explosion rocked the building they pushed against the car and began to rock it back and forth three people were injured yesterday when an explosion rocked one of Britain's best known film studios a country that's rocked by dozens of earthquakes every year the waves were rocking the ship the country was rocked by strikes the latest scandal to rock the monarchy Wall Street was rocked by the news and shares fell 4.3 per cent by the end of trading the terrorist outrages which rocked the country last year revelations that the superstar is an alleged paedophile have rocked the world a series of scandals rocked the royal family a series of financial scandals which rocked the City
intransitive verb
1 (gently) mecerse; balancearse
the ship rocked gently on the waves el buque se mecía or se balanceaba suavemente en las olas; his body rocked from side to side with the train su cuerpo se mecía or se balanceaba de un lado a otro con el movimiento del tren; he rocked back on his heels apoyando los talones, se inclinó hacia atrás
he stood a few moments, rocking back and forwards on his heels she sat there, rocking gently backwards and forwards in the chair he rocked back in the chair and propped his feet on the desk
2 (violently) [+ground, vehicle, building] sacudirse
the ground rocked beneath our feet the train rocked violently the buildings rocked under heavy shell-fire she pulled the handle so hard the machine rocked on its base they heard him blunder against the trunk which rocked violently we parked the car near a billboard rocking in the wind on squeaking posts only a few minutes into the water, the ship began to rock and water started pouring in
the theatre rocked with laughter las risas estremecieron el teatro; the audience rocked with laughter el público se rió a carcajada limpia
the culture and sports clerk was tugging at his ears and scratching his jaw in irritation, while everyone else was rocking with laughter
3 (dance) bailar rock
we rocked the night away
(Mús) (also rock music) rock (m); música (f) rock
the boy's been playing very loud rock for an hour in the bathroom
heavy/soft rock rock (m) duro/blando
he listens to both classical and soft rock opera-lover Norma Major is also partial to heavy rock
rock and roll (n) rocanrol (m); rock and roll (m)
to do the rock and roll bailar el rocanrol or el rock and roll
Elvis Presley-the King of rock and roll Leo Fender helped to revolutionize the guitar industry and to change the sound of rock and roll
rock band (n) grupo (m) de rock
Kurt had started out playing bass in a rock band
rock concert (n) concierto (m) de rock
she had never been to a rock concert and only seen Top of the Pops twice
rock festival (n) festival (m) de rock
the site of the 1972 Bickershaw rock festival had turned into a litter-strewn mudbath
rock group (n) grupo (m) de rock
Kurt had started out playing bass in a rock group
rock music (n) rock (m); música (f) rock
he once told an interviewer that he didn't even like rock music
rock musical (n) musical (m) de rock
his latest work is a rock musical based on "A Christmas Carol"
rock musician (n) músicoamúsica (m) (f) de rock;a música
rock star (n) estrella (f) de rock
Paris had been used by many English rock stars as a base for recording


masculine noun
1. (music) 
a. rock 
Pidámosle al DJ que ponga rock.Let's ask the DJ to play some rock.
Claudia es fanática del rock de los años ochenta.Claudia is a fan of eighties rock music.
2. (music) 
a. rock 
El grupo de mi hermano toca música rock.My brother's band plays rock music.
1. (general) 
a. rock 
rock durohard rock
rock and rollrock and roll
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