1. (political) 
a. el partido (M) 
a party member, a member of the partyun miembro del partido
to follow or toe the party lineseguir la línea del partido
party political broadcastespacio televisivo/radiofónico asignado a un partido
2. (celebration) 
a. la fiesta (F) 
to have or throw a partydar or celebrar una fiesta
3. (fig) 
the party's overse acabó la fiesta
4. (colloquial) 
he's a party animalle gustan or
party piecenumerito habitual
5. (colloquial) 
party pooperaguafiestas mf inv
6. (group) 
a. el grupo (M) 
7. (telephone) 
party linelínea compartida, party-line f
party wallpared f medianera
8. (law) 
a. la parte (F) (participant) 
I would never be party to such a thingnunca tomaría parte en algo semejante
intransitive verb
9. (colloquial) 
a. estar de marcha (celebrate) 
party [ˈpɑːtɪ]
1 (celebration) fiesta (f)
the couple met at a party most teenagers like to go to parties the opening night party was to be in a suite at the Astoria they had reserved the restaurant for a private party
to give or have or throw a party dar or (formal) ofrecer una fiesta
the Prince gave a party at Fort Belvedere I suggested we give a party for them London's fashionable San Lorenzo restaurant, where she threw a party for her mother's 80th birthday
the party's over se acabó la fiesta
2 (Pol) partido (m)
a member of the Labour party India's ruling party they are the biggest opposition party
to join a party afiliarse a un partido; hacerse miembro de un partido
to be a [member] of the party
3 (group) grupo (m)
a party of tourists un grupo de turistas; we were only a small party éramos pocos; éramos un grupo pequeño
how many are there in your party? a party of soldiers hunting: hunting party raid: raiding party
4 (in dispute, contract) parte (f)
the parties concerned los interesados; las partes interesadas
the guilty/injured/innocent party la parte culpable/perjudicada/inocente
to be (a) party to sth
I will not be a party to any violence no me voy a prestar a la violencia; to be (a) party to an agreement ser parte en un acuerdo; to be (a) party to a crime ser cómplice en un delito
I will not be a party to any such attempt
the parties to a dispute las partes involucradas en una querella
the parties to the conflict all got together
intransitive verb
(go to parties) ir a fiestas; (have a good time) irse de juerga (informal); irse de marcha (informal); (Esp)
let's party! ¡vámonos de juerga! (informal); ¡vámonos de marcha! (informal); (Esp) where shall we party tonight? ¿a qué fiesta vamos esta noche?
the singer admits he still enjoys partying as much as ever they come to eat and drink, to swim, to party - sometimes they never go to bed
party animal (n) fiesteroafiestera (m) (f);a fiestera juerguista (m)
she may be voted out at the next party conference
party dress (n) vestido (m) de fiesta
she had on a new party dress
party line (n) (Telec) línea (f) compartida
the party line (Pol) la línea del partido
they ignored the official party line they could be guaranteed to take the party line on all issues to follow the party line toe: to toe the party line the decision has the backing of the party machine
party member (n) miembro (m) del partido
I've been a party member for 20 years
party piece (n) numerito (m) (de fiesta) (informal)
friends who called were subjected to our party pieces; one of mine was an impression of Winston Churchill
to do one's party piece hacer su numerito (informal)
I didn't get to do my party piece and I'm a pretty good amateur magician all they have to do is chat for a few minutes, then do a party piece it will be a night to remember even if Bill Clinton insists on scrambling on stage to do his party piece just one more time blowing his saxophone with the Nat Jones trio
party politics (n) (gen) política (f) de partido; partidismo (m) (pejorative); politiqueo (m) (pejorative)
why do they always have to let party politics get in the way of good decision-making? traditionally, 20th century monarchs have tried to appear independent of party politics
party pooper (n) aguafiestas (m)
I hate to be a party pooper, but I am really tired
party spirit (n) espíritu (m) festivo
we entered into the party spirit nos empezó a entrar el espíritu festivo
after a few glasses of champagne we began to enter into the party spirit to [put] sb in the party spirit sparkling wine can also put you in the party spirit
party wall (n) pared (f) medianera
the Prime Minister met local party workers when he toured the constituency


partypartys (plural)
(gen) party; (cóctel) cocktail party; reception;
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