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1. (personal) 
a. él (emphatic use) 
I can't believe that's him!¡No puedo creer que sea él!
b. lo (direct object) 
We saw him at the supermarket.Lo vimos en el supermercado.
c. le (indirect object) 
She wrote him a letter every day.Ella le escribía una carta todos los días.
1. (direct object) 
a. lo 
I hate himlo odio
I can forgive his son but not HIMpuedo perdonar a su hijo, pero no a él
2. (indirect object) 
a. le 
I gave him the bookle di el libro
I gave it to himse lo di
3. (after preposition) 
a. él 
I talked to himhablé con él
his mother lives near himsu madre vive cerca de él
4. (as complement of verb to be) 
a. él 
it's him!¡es él!
it was him who did ites él el que lo hizo
him [hɪm]
1 (direct object) lo; le; (Esp)
I saw him lo vi; look at him! ¡míralo!; I have never seen him a él no lo or le he visto nunca; also (Esp)
2 (indirect object) le; (combined with direct object pron) se
you must tell him the truth tienes que decirle la verdad; yes of course I gave him the book sí, claro que le di el libro; yes of course I gave them to him sí, claro que se los di
I gave him the book I'm speaking to him
I gave the book to him not his sister le di el libro a él no a su hermana; I'm speaking to him not you le estoy hablando a él, no a ti; give it to him when you go to Liverpool dáselo cuando vayas a Liverpool; I gave it to him not Charlotte se lo di a él no a Charlotte
give it to him I gave it to him
3 (after prep, in comparisons, with verb "to be") él
she thought of him pensó en él; without him sin él; I'm going with him voy con él; he was carrying it on him lo llevaba consigo; if I were him yo que él; younger than him más joven or menor que él; it's him es él
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I love him 
lo quiero 
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