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1. (personal)
a. él (emphatic use)
I can't believe that's him!¡No puedo creer que sea él!
b. lo (direct object)
We saw him at the supermarket.Lo vimos en el supermercado.
c. le (indirect object)
She wrote him a letter every day.Ella le escribía una carta todos los días.
1. lo (direct object)
  • I hate him lo odio
  • I can forgive his son but not HIM puedo perdonar a su hijo, pero no a él
2. le (indirect object)
  • I gave him the book le di el libro
  • I gave it to him se lo di
3. él (after preposition)
  • I talked to him hablé con él
  • his mother lives near him su madre vive cerca de él
4. él [as complement of verb to be]
  • it's him! ¡es él!
  • it was him who did it es él el que lo hizo
him [hɪm]
1 (direct object) lo; le; (Esp)
I saw him lo vi; look at him! ¡míralo!; I have never seen him a él no lo or le he visto nunca; also (Esp)
2 (indirect object) le; (combined with direct object pron) se
you must tell him the truth tienes que decirle la verdad; yes of course I gave him the book sí, claro que le di el libro; yes of course I gave them to him sí, claro que se los di
I gave him the book I'm speaking to him
I gave the book to him not his sister le di el libro a él no a su hermana; I'm speaking to him not you le estoy hablando a él, no a ti; give it to him when you go to Liverpool dáselo cuando vayas a Liverpool; I gave it to him not Charlotte se lo di a él no a Charlotte
give it to him I gave it to him
3 (after prep, in comparisons, with verb "to be") él
she thought of him pensó en él; without him sin él; I'm going with him voy con él; he was carrying it on him lo llevaba consigo; if I were him yo que él; younger than him más joven or menor que él; it's him es él
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