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1. valla (f) cerca (f) (barrier)
  • to sit on the fence(sentido figurado) no pronunciarse, nadar entre dos aguas
  • to get off the fence(sentido figurado) pronunciarse
2. perista (sustantivo masculino) (familiar) (receiver of stolen property)
intransitive verb
3. hacer esgrima (as sport)
fence [fens]
1 (gen) valla (f); cerca (f); (wire fence) alambrada (f); (Racing) valla (f)
to mend one's fences (restore relations) mejorar las relaciones; (restore reputation) restablecer la reputación
to sit on the fence no comprometerse; mirar los toros desde la barrera
2 (receiver of stolen goods) perista (m)
transitive verb
1 [+land] vallar; cercar
fenced area zona (f) cercada or vallada
2 [+machinery etc] cubrir; proteger
intransitive verb
1 (Dep) practicar esgrima
2 defenderse con evasivas
A pub landlord survived having a 3ft-long fence post speared through his chest The officers walked into the trap after trees, bushes and fence posts were uprooted and used to block off a cul-de-sac
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