Irregular Present Indicative Verbs

Irregular verbs can fall into two categories in the present indicative: irregular in the yo form, or irregular in all forms.

Irregular in the Yo Form

As in every language there will be verbs that do not seem to follow any of the rules. Irregular verbs are verbs that violate conjugation rules for one or more persons and do not fall into any of the stem-changing or spelling-changing categories. And unfortunately, these are usually the most useful and regularly used words in the language. The following words are irregular only in the yo form. They are regular in all other conjugations.

Irregular Yo Conjugations

infinititve yo form definition
caber quepo to fit
caer caigo to fall
dar doy to give
saber to know
traer traigo to bring
ver veo to see

The Compounds Count Too!

The compounds of these verbs are also irregular in the yo form:

  • componer, deshacer, disponer, distraer, proponer, rehacer, reponer, suponer

Irregular in All Forms

There are only four verbs irregular in all forms in the present tense, but they may be the four most useful and used verbs in Spanish.

Irregular Conjugations

  ser (to be) estar (to be) ir (to go) haber (to have (done))
yo soy estoy voy he
eres estás vas has
usted, él, ella es está va ha
nosotros somos estamos vamos hemos
vosotros sois estáis vais habéis
ustedes, ellos, ellas son están van han

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