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I am going into the 6th grade this year, and I know English, and I am now learning Spanish.I love history and math. I always wanted to learn a new language. (sorry if I spelled that wrong, but I know English, I'm just a bad speller.)

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That's interesting, Jacob. You will certainly enjoy learning Spanish. grin

I love math, too!

If you want to get ahead in your Spanish learning, you are certainly at the right place. Since you already have learning points, you must know all about our lesson and flashcards.

If you are just sharing some information about yourself, that's awesome, too. You can tell us more about yourself at our International Café.

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Pleased to meet you, Jacob. Perhaps studying Spanish will help your English spelling. I know that studying Spanish grammar has greatly improved my understanding of English grammar.

You will find spelling easier to learn in Spanish because it is largely phonetic (if you overlook the b,v, c.z.s., etc. difficulties.) Once you know how to pronounce a word it is fairly easy to figure out how it is spelled.

You're already on the correct path. Practice writing as much as you can because it will improve your spelling.

Best of luck. I hope that you enjoy studying Spanish here with us.

¡Bienvenido al foro!

Welcome to the forum!

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Hola! ^_^

If you want to learn Spanish then you're definitely in the right place grinwe have Spanish courses for learning Spanish and we have reference article section where you can find all of the Spanish grammar that you need ,we also have a dictionary ,translation section , flashcards , a phrasebook and a conjugation section for the Spanish verbs , and if you have any question about Spanish and you want to know the answers just ask it here and we will be very happy to help you smile

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Hola, meomo jada and i am really into the 6th grade spanish dictionary i kno alittel spanish but it would help alot if i new all spanish. gracas for all ur help and i promis by the end of the dictionary i will have learned alot.

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Hi. I'm an 8th grader and I really wanna learn Spanish, too I really wanna be tirlingual but I wanna learn Spanish first both because its one of the easiest languages to learn and because I know a lot of Hispanics and I 'm so tired of not knowing what they're saying half the time, lol (Even though they always translate for me). ¡Bien, bueno suerte!

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  • Congratulations and bienvenido, Place2bee, because that is exactly where you are -- The place to be!! ;)) - territurtle Feb 2, 2012 flag
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