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What is the difference between "vamos" and "vamanos"

  • Posted Jun 7, 2010
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4 Answers

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Gocika is correct...they mean the same thing when you want to say "Let's go."

Although "vamos" can be used to say "we are going/we go" it can also be used as a command. For example,

1) "Mañana vamos al cine" (We're going to the movie tomorrow).

2) "Vamos a la tienda" (Let's go to the store).

In Spanish, nosotros commands may be expressed in two ways, using the "vamos a" + infinitive construction or the subjunctive.

When you use the the reflexive form ¡Vámonos! it means "Let's go!"

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Vamanos is lets go as a command. Vamos is like we are going like vamos a la playa esta tarde.

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Those two are the same!

Let's go!

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Its Vamonos (with O)... and means Let's go..!

Vamos is the statement of going. We're going to ...

2 different things...

  • Not always two different things...they can mean the same when you are saying "Let's go." - --Mariana-- Jun 7, 2010 flag
  • True. I should have explained what I meant to say differently. :? - Miss_Ati Jun 7, 2010 flag
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